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Matthijs van Nieuwkerk becomes weekend power, Hugo Borst asks strange questions to Ilse DeLange and Doutzen Kroes does a major cleaning. An overview of the entertainment world of last week.

Who has not started his career with stuffing in the supermarket on Saturday morning, folding clothes in a large fashion chain on Sunday afternoon or creating popcorn at the cinema around the corner on Friday evening? Pupils and students only have time to spend a bit on the wallet during the weekend and see their days off as snow in the sun.

After completing their studies, most people look for a full-time job. Working weeks of 32 or 40 hours become the norm and the weekends become moments of rest. Just a Monday or a Wednesday off is rare, but there must also be some bread on the shelf, and so you are talking about it until you retire.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk takes a different approach: after having worked for many hours during the week during the evening, he announced this week that he will stop The world moves on and starts with a Saturday evening program.

“What he does very cleverly is to stay and sign a three-year contract, which he simply uses to meet the Balkenende standard. But of course he doesn’t have to do as much more for that as with DThe World Turns On. It is actually a kind of part-time job that he will get in the next three years, “says showbiz expert Albert Verlinde about Matthijs’s move. That is part-time work: one day a week, occasional outing, not the whole year through, and all for over 2 tons.

Although many people are critical of the salary structure at the public broadcaster, there was a lot of praise for Matthijs this week and the quality of the program he has been making for over fourteen years. It will take until 2021 for Matthijs to be seen on the Saturday night, so there is still plenty of time for angry messages about tax money.

A ‘rare disrespectful’ interview

It was the week of The world moves on, because in the program there was also a remarkable conversation that people just couldn’t talk about. Ilse DeLange was visiting to talk about the profit of her ninth Edison and her new album. Everything seemed to be going well, until Mr Hugo Borst broke into the conversation.

Was there anything to win after nine Edisons? And only known in our own ‘little country’? And how long could Ilse actually go on stage? Because the years will soon start to count …

“What a rare disrespectful conversation with Ilse DeLange DWDD, just embarrassing. High boomer content. It is good to see again what female artists are confronted with, “Saskia Noort wrote down Twitter. She received acclaim from dozens of others.

Ilse seemed to have little trouble with it: although she raised her eyebrows for a moment, she simply responded to Hugo and even received an applause from the audience in the studio, where the turn of the conversation was clearly found to be rather uncomfortable.

Hugo is not aware of any harm. “I have not only invented that teasing, there are many people. It is a little bit part of it, but a tease can still be respectful. I didn’t ask any weird questions. “

Get stones out of your body

Supermodels sometimes have to do very strange things to stay as beautiful and slim as we are used to. Hot water diets with lemon juice and peppers, training for hours a day and corsets to make things look as narrow as possible are more the rule than the exception. Nobody will be surprised if a model comes up with something new. At least, that seemed like that, because this week we were really surprised by Doutzen Kroes.

The Dutch top model taught her vlog followers everything about her liver cleansing. With a few liters of apple juice, vegan food and grapefruits you can go a long way, but it is really important to have your bowels flush properly. “I really feel the pressure in my body,” said Doutzen in the treatment room.

After the rinse follows a diet of no more than salt water and a cure of grapefruit juice with olive oil. Then comes the most important thing: your body emits small stones. Doutzen felt reborn, but told her followers: it is not intended that you see this as medical advice.

In the reactions and in various media it was nevertheless asked whether this was so sensible: someone with as much influence as Doutzen who tells how fantastic it feels and how nice it is. Then everyone wants to imitate it?

Doutzen has left the video in spite of the comment that it could be harmful to your body and does not seem to intend to remove it.



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