Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix children’s series shows lesbian kiss


Mexico City /

The Netflix children’s series ‘The 3 below: Arcadia Tales’ created by the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, has given what to talk to show your first kiss between two women, so the controversy did not wait.

The series tells the story of two young aliens who land on Earth on an emergency when fleeing some intergalactic bounty hunters, so they must camouflage among humans.

In the seventh episode of the second season the controversial scene appears where Two female characters kiss. In the chapter, an asteroid is about to impact Earth; Sharon longhannon, one of the characters, he confesses to his friend that he doesn’t want to die without having kissed someone. The young woman replies that she also wants the same and there is the controversial moment, as reported by the site upsocl.

On the same site, it is mentioned that some Christian websites showed their disagreement for the scene, but most fans of the series took it naturally.



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