Jan Fedder’s widow urges restraint: “He didn’t want that”


The participation in the death of actor Jan Fedder is enormous. The family takes special measures to protect his burial site in Hamburg from the great onslaught.

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Actor Jan Fedder died on December 30, 2019 at the age of 64. The actor, who had been in front of the camera for years as police officer Dirk Matthies from the “Großstadtrevier”, found his final resting place in the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg. However, there can hardly be any talk of peaceful rest. The corresponding monument from 1899 has since been visited by countless fans who want to say goodbye to the actor. Fedder’s widow Marion intervenes.

The family is happy, “that so many people worship Jan and want to visit him”. But the grave was “frankly so new that you can’t step on it yet,” said Ms. Fedder in an interview with RTL. She has had “Jan’s new home”, as she says, closed off and asks the grieving fans for understanding. “Jan wouldn’t have wanted you to trample on him either.” It is not nice that everything is “flattened”. She appeals to the fans: “You have to give him your rest.”

Hamburg: Flowers lie on the grave of actor Jan Fedder on the Ohlsdorfer Friehof - a chain serves as a spacer. (Source: dpa // Daniel Bockwoldt)Hamburg: Flowers lie on the grave of actor Jan Fedder on the Ohlsdorfer Friehof – a chain serves as a spacer. (Source: / Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa)

When it became known where Fedder is buried, hundreds of fans made the pilgrimage to the tomb, flowers, candles and fan articles as their last honor. At times the crowds were so strong that flowers were crushed and alcohol cans were everywhere. Since then the grave has been closed to the public.

Goodbye personal words

A sign is now attached to the barrier to the actor’s last resting place. The inscription: “I’m sleeping. Please do not disturb. Please put your flowers and candles in the front. The room in front of the monument belongs only to me (…) do not enter !!! Thank you! Your Jan.” But it shouldn’t stop there. The family plans to set up a mailbox to give Fedders supporters the opportunity to say goodbye to him. “You can put mail in for Jan again. You can give him greetings and his last words,” said Marion Fedder.



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