Jungle camp 2020: finalists have been determined – Danni gets a hay attack – live ticker


On the semi-final day, all campers demonstrate team spirit – but only in the test. The final trio has been determined. You can find out what happened on day 15 in our live ticker.

  • in the RTL jungle camp bends the fight for the jungle crown on the home straight.
  • After the semi-final day 15 they are three finalists firmly – two candidates need to go.
  • In the penultimate broadcast of the 14th IBES season the five campers clear all the stars in the exam from.

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Jungle camp 2020: finalists have been determined – Danni gets a hay attack

11.37 p.m .: Well, we are looking forward to a tearful and – because of Danni and Sven – taciturn finale. Only one more night! We’ll be reading again tomorrow.

11.36 p.m .: So today was only covered for two minutes. Two minutes? Buhuhuhu – the campers have to do something for their money.

11:32 pm: The final trio are thus Danni, Prince Damien and Sven,

11.31 p.m .: Danni hugs Raúl and Sven, Markus completely ignores them.

11.31 p.m .: The third finalist is Sven, So Markus has to say goodbye too.

11.30 p.m .: Now the decision between Sven and Markus follows.

11:29 pm: The Büchner cries to himself, Sven and Markus look piqued.

11:29 pm: Sonja names the second finalist – and it is Danni, Raul must go with that.

11:28 pm: The first to go is either Raul or Danni. So who is fifth in this season?

11:27 p.m .: Prince Damien be the first to get the ticket to the finals. Surprise, surprise!

11:26 pm: So now it’s about the sausage. Who’s going to the final? Who has to leave the camp?

Jungle camp 2020: Markus and Danni come together again

11:23 pm: Later, the Büchner widow jungle phone firmly: “Apparently I am disturbing the cops in the barn here. But sorry, I’m still here. ”It looks similar Markus: “Danni is still there, well.”

11:22 pm: Markus and Danni rattle again verbally. When dividing the night watch, she says: “If I don’t answer …” And the junk fox counters: “Then I’m happy.”

11:21 pm: Prince Damien thinks that time went by too quickly. He would like to move in again for two weeks. Doesn’t he think of us?

11.20 p.m .: There again. Now it’s up to the bacon. We are redeemed directly by two campers.

11:15 p.m .: Quickly inserted a question for a friend:

11:11 p.m .: The last chance for RTLto do the big reaming today. Let’s go to the next commercial break.

11.10 p.m .: Now the candidates are already calling to call for them – we are really before Finale before the grand finale?

23.08 p.m .: “If she should fly out tomorrow – I say: there is a god,” decides Sven this episode. Why does this have to Jungle Traumpaar just be separated soon? It’s going to be really funny.

Jungle Camp 2020: Danni drives Sven up the sleeve – Prince Damien flirts with the rangers

23.07 p.m .: There has Sven with Markus of course, exactly the right conversation partner. The junk also does not leave good hair on the last remaining camper: “It was also very clear to me that I would not be able to get along with her, because I do not understand how someone who is not yet ready can get here.” Sven ignites the next level and accuses Danni of just “this pity tour”To drive and makes it clear:“ The last two days – I’m not talking to her anymore! Not a word! I can only hope that she doesn’t talk to me. ”Although: We would like to experience that then.

11.03pm: The Ottke accuses Büchner of “dishonesty” and “insidiousness” and talks “really angry”. Now the impacts come like once in the boxing ring. Before Markus he even said:It should die.“Wowwowwow, hard tobacco!

11:01 p.m .: Between Danni and Sven the signs stand on radio silence. Absolute radio silence. And that’s how it happened: The Büchner threw the ex-boxer and Markus already assume that the victory will only be decided between the two 51-year-olds. When the two camp oldies are among themselves, Ottke rages: “She said we were alpha animals, would have made the win among us. “He hadn’t said a bad word about the 41-year-old even in interviews,” and now she blows me like that in the face! I have such a neck. “

11 p.m .: Prince Damien continues to rave about the rangers. In the end, no one wants to chauffeur him to the throne.

10:58 p.m .: It will Markus completely washed down the tarpaulin during the two minutes and also tears Danni with, but by the end of time they will easily find their way back to their predetermined places. So the campers clear all five stars.

10:57 pm:Prince Damien, stop flirting, ”warns Daniel. The entry-level DSDS winner actually waves to one of the rangers. What a rascal!

Jungle Camp 2020: After the work is done, the campers cheer for the five stars won.


Jungle Camp 2020: Markus is caught with a full force by an exercise ball

10:48 p.m .: Because it was so nice, there is one again A direct hit for the junk fox in all its glory.

10.45 p.m .: Following Prince Damien and finally Markuswho gets caught with a gymnastic ball with Karacho and thus briefly loses his balance. When the junk fox takes its position, the countdown starts. And then it goes into advertising.

10:44 p.m .: Get started Dannithat picks up all the stars. Also at Sven everything runs smoothly. But then controls Raúl the wrong marker. Only after loud, but definitely friendlier Rebuking Daniel the GZSZ star finds his place. Sven also has to work on his mark again in the confusion.

10:43 p.m .: Oh man, Daniel gives valuable tips. That is much too easy. So yes Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia – would also fit better.

10:40 p.m .: Accompanied by “Star Wars” music the exam begins. Previously there were instructions from Obi-Wan Kenobi a.k.a. Dr. bob, If now Daniel and Sonja give the Emperor and Darth Vader … btw: Is there no advertising today?

10:39 pm: Danni decides to start – with the note: “I gave birth to five children, what are five stars?” Daniel’s dry counterattack: “And they can’t even be stacked.”

10:39 pm: Sounds pretty simple. However, the campers and thus the stars are incessant large wind machines as well as water and slime cannons fired. As if that weren’t bad enough yet huge exercise balls fired at the test specimens.

10:38 p.m .: The first candidate – or the first candidate – grabs the Stars from the water basin and carries it to the first mark on the tarpaulin. There the other four gradually pick up the stars and place themselves on the other markings. When everyone has arrived at their positions, start two minute countdown, at the end of which the campers with their stars must lie on the markings.

Jungle camp 2020: Markus shows full physical exertion during the test.


Jungle camp 2020: All five campers go to the “Creek of the Stars” test

10:36 p.m .: Daniel without grinning: “It’s getting wet, you can undress if you want.” What if we don’t want to?

10:35 p.m .: The Stars Wars saga has just been concluded with the ninth part, but for the remaining campers it says before the grand finale: “Creek of the stars“. A turntable is waiting for the quintet Pool with five oversized stars and a slippery tarpaulin with five star markings, Mmh, what do you think is required?

10:32 p.m .: Danni would like an exam “with bounce, jump, water – and of course survive”. That Sven then has to laugh, Büchner is immediately upset. It is not possible – he can be in a good mood at home.

10:31 p.m .: And again the junk Fuchs with a poison arrow in the direction Buchner widowDanni knows the bridge – it has been there a few times. “

10.30 p.m .: Except for Danni, everyone wants to take the exam. Markus states quite openly: “Well, Danni doesn’t feel like it. ”But luckily we are not on“ Make a wish ”- so everyone has to go.

10:29 p.m .: Great mood between Markus and Danni – that’s how we like it!

10:28 p.m .: Mike estimates what Elena’s clothes smell: “onion mix?” “garlic?” Well, something like that.

10:26 p.m.: Elena meets again after moving out. Danni she accuses a “pity tour” and emphasizes: “The hypocrites go further than those who are always honest.” And after seeing Mike again, the Swiss woman first indulges in spaghetti.

Jungle Camp 2020: Group picture with a lady in front of the jungle test “Creek of the Stars”.


Jungle camp 2020: Sonja and Daniel kidding Wendler and his Laura

10:23 p.m .: Meanwhile, Daniel and Sonja are kidding him Wendler and his Laura, The chick posted one Instagram Story, in which she surprised her darling with a new pickup. In Australia, on the other hand, Zietlow gave Hartwich a shirt that said: “I have Elena kicked out – and it survives. “Ha, ha – hahahahaha!

10:22 p.m .: next Danni victims is then Markus, He had revealed to her that he would be recognized everywhere and that women would “grab his ass”. The opinion of Buchner widow: “I do not understand the world anymore. Which woman grabs his butt? Certainly without glasses and as blind as a mole. ”And once in a rage, she adds:“ Markus will definitely be the one new Saturday evening presenter of ‘jealous something’ or something. “That would be direct competition for the”Danni Büchner Show“.

10:20 p.m .: The “Danni Büchner Show” on. As a sidekick: Raúl, Is blasphemous – about Prince Damien, “He has never had anything, think about it, never kissed, never sex”, the 41-year-old desperately: “That’s why he doesn’t know whether he likes women or men.” After Danni told her about the former DSDS – entrusted to the winner Gossiped on the judge can be lured out of the reserve: “I noticed when I massaged him, he said that he didn’t know that!”

10:19 p.m .: Danni hates the night watch – what does she actually like? So, except for her late husband.

10:17 p.m .: “What’s so exciting tomorrow night?” Asks Sven yes indeed. If he continues like this: nothing for him anymore, because then he will knock out before the final.

10:16 p.m .: Oha, that looks after Beef between Danni and the men out. So, the mood rises directly to unimagined heights.

10.15 p.m .: And there we are again – we are off to the jungle on time.

Update from 10:10 p.m .: So now Sonja and Daniel have also revealed it – in the semifinals two candidates have to pack their backpacks. Let’s go!

Update from 10:03 p.m .: The tension is slowly increasing. The semi-finals are coming up. Who will win the race and advance to the grand finale?

Jungle Camp 2020: Danni clan competition in the twilight – should it save her calls?

Update from 9:55 p.m .: The Sven and Markus treats because of the Raúl shed tears after the Letter from his girlfriend are a hot topic, especially outside the camp. The GZSZ actor gets that from the two co-campers Accused of acting will, a lot of support. “You cannot influence that. A lump grows in your throat, causing tears to come to your eyes. I understand that, ”judges Claudia in the RTL Interview,

The Wendler’s wife can also understand the reaction of Sven and Markus and sees no calculation in it: “They are tough men, and we don’t cry in front of society and certainly not in public and that’s why I think there is one certain intolerancewhen a man lets his emotions run wild. “

Ex-Camperin Sonja finds one thing particularly difficult: “It is pretty mean to us actors whenever we to squeeze a tearto say: ‘Yes, they only act!’ ”This is one of the reasons why she suppressed any tears during her time in the jungle. She guesses Raúl such as: “He is sensitive, but he also has insanely afraid to speak his mind. “The Austrian assumes that her colleague’s tears were real.

Ottke’s daughter Rebecca meanwhile protects her powerful father: “I don’t think he meant the bad one. Maybe he let himself be drawn into the conversation a bit. ”She knows Sven as “sensitive and compassionate”, but also admits: “I have never seen him cry.”

This time also had IBES veterans Sonja Zietlow no reason as in RTL Interview reveals: “I admit: for 13 seasons, when I saw the film with the letters, I had one or two tears. But unfortunately I didn’t eat a single one in the 14th. ”She couldn’t explain that either:“ Maybe I’m just got ice cold in here or it wasn’t quite as emotional. “

Update from 9:36 p.m .: Not only Danni has now licked blood – her management is also stepping on the gas on the home stretch to keep up Buchner the jungle crown to be able to secure. However, the team follows questionable paths. On the Instagram Channel the camper has been running a competition for “the best community” since the early hours of the morning – it is about a three-day trip to Mallorca including meeting with Danni.

An action with a bland aftertaste. Is a call for the Büchner no requirement for participation, but in the photo is great Danni’s portrait and phone number appears. In addition, it says: “The competition ends as soon as Danni has to leave the camp.” And in capital letters it is asked to continue calling for the Büchner widow. So it seems that more IBES viewers should be encouraged to ring through for Danni.

This begging is not well received by everyone. So fans diligently take part in the competition by linking their travel partner in the comments, but other users are critical. “Really wrong to strive for the throne in this way,” comments “s.binkert2019”. And “phine_miceli_” asks: “Oh my god, is that blackmail now ???”

Jungle Camp 2020: Stars in question – what would they do with the prize?

Update from 8:58 p.m .: The ones from RTL grant us a little taste for the exam tonight. Good for Danni: there are small snakes or other animals to abuse.

Update from 8:43 p.m .: Shortly before the grand finale For the five remaining campers, the motto is: put your pants down, show your colors, butter the fish. You face that Questions from viewers, It’s about what they do with the win bonus would start doing that since last year 100,000 euros is. While Sven thinks of his nonprofit association and Raúl would please his mother Prince Damien his own future in mind: “I hope to participate here, mine Improve the pension fund to be able to. Because the pension fund is empty means no pension, means poverty in old age, does not mean good. ”

Who do campers treat to the crown? Sven is diplomatic: “I really treat everyone, everyone.” Quite different Markuswho answers honestly: “Apart from me, I don’t want the crown at all.” And examination queen Danni has exactly one favorite: “I would wish Prince Damien the crown. So if I shouldn’t win it. “

Update from 7.44 p.m .: At the penultimate jungle day the remaining campers have to form a committed team – because they go together in the Jungle exam “Creek of the Stars” , In this it is important to have the stars on one slippery tarpaulin to protect. Do it Jets of water, exercise balls and slime life difficult for gentlemen and danni.

Who now thinks: That seems familiar to me! – he’s right. Because exactly the same exam occurred two years ago Ansgar Brinkmann, Kattia Vides, David Friedrich and the later jungle queen Jenny Frankhauser on – the quartet cleared all ten stars. Danni, Markus, Prince Damien, Raúl and Sven are following in extremely large footsteps. Are they similarly successful? We will experience it!

Jungle camp 2020: That’s why Elena didn’t let her “bomb” burst – that’s how she sees Sven and Danni

Update from 18.58: Has 15 days Elena in the jungle Camp spent. At the very beginning of her stay, she promised Claudia concerning to burst a “bomb” to let – but then it only became hot air. After your expulsion the Swiss now said in an interview with Focus Online on the announcement and the background: “I said yes that I have a topic that I would like to address. Then I also have Claudia said my opinion and said that I want to give her a chance. “

That was what she did, including the Wendler’s wife got to know and stated: “We got along.” Claudia was therefore spared the “bomb”. As well as the inquisitive TV viewers,

And what will it be? current Wendler partner saying? Elena said so T-Online: “I believe that my friendship with Laura that has to endure that I also have contact with Claudia. “

In the image the Swiss woman revealed that when she moved out weighed only 46 kilos have. And also to whom she grants the crown: “Prince Damien, I hope he gets the viewer love he deserves. ”

Elena probably has less good memories of two other campers. But with a few hours apart emphasized image-Interview them: “Sven and I had a disagreementthat was mutual. (…) But we ended up having reconciled and pronounced, That stays in the camp! Our nerves were simply bare. “

And so, in retrospect, she judges Danni: “We will never fat friends be, but can meet us further. We were both correct. I am not resentful. We can look each other in the eye. ”And that’s the most important thing.

Update from 6:27 p.m .: Not just that TV viewers The mouth remained open when Sonja on day 14 the end for Elena announced. The moderators themselves were also surprised by the announcement that they had to get the Miras out of the camp. But why did the Swiss woman have to leave so early? “Maybe she was a little over the top,” there was Sonja in the RTL interview a food for thought. Daniel on the other hand, admits that in the meantime he has already thought that maybe she makes a walk“, Finally Elena also with”Love Island” and in “Summer house of the stars“All competitors left behind. This time, however, the reality TV star had to surrender.

Jungle camp 2020: Claudia calls for second chance after RTL breakdown – “how amateurish”

Update from 5:54 p.m .: As the only woman it has Danni made it into the top 5 – and therefore also her late husband Jens outperformed the one before sixth place for three years reached. This is also why she is totally dissolved after the next successful step towards the crown, stammering with tears: “I thought I had to go. I thought inside: Okay, you’ll pack everything straight away. I would be proud because I would have the same place as my husband. And now I’m one place further. ”With that she can at least do that eternal comparisons with the Büchner shelve and prove that she is more than just ‘the widow of …’.

Update from 17:02: On day 13 Claudia received too few calls to stay in the camp. There was one in the course of the deselection Slip by moderator Daniel Hartwich, which could have cost votes to Wendler’s wife (entry from January 23, 6:02 p.m.). Now the 49-year-old calls via image a second chance for the crown: “I’m a star, let me back in! That would be fair. “

However RTL Claudia already informed that the broadcaster perceives the situation differently. That, in turn, “she doesn’t understand. You really have to ask yourself: how dilettant do they work there?”very shocked by the whole situation“, Also points out:” The production confirmed that between the wrong and the correct naming of the number 15 minutes from Daniel Hartwich. A lot can happen in 15 minutes. “

Claudia would have calculated chances that jungle crown to get hold of. “That could have changed my whole life. Daniel Hartwich broke that now“She scolds:” It was a mistake on his part. “This is” human “, but at the same time she feels it is” unfair if I am now punished for it “.

On image– Demand asked RTL immediately clear that Claudia did not return to the camp can and also no other form of compensation have to expect. According to a spokesman, the Wendler’s wife had never formulated a claim to the broadcaster for a second chance. However, according to the tabloid, Norberg presents this differently – it also wants to have said something to the employee of the production company TIV who is responsible for it.

Jungle camp 2020: Elena is looking forward to face time with her daughter

Update from 16:29: After this Marriage off with the Wendler investigated Claudia for a new prince. One does not come ridden on the mold in the jungle, but apparently he did Norberg smitten. And scolds her still-husband.

Update from 10:26 a.m .: Even after she was thrown out, Elena Miras could still have a happy event: is her friend Mike Heiter Elena now making the marriage proposal that she had requested in the jungle camp *?

Update from January 24th, 8.07am: Elena Miras had to leave the jungle on Thursday evening, although many considered her favorite, “That’s the game, everyone knows that can happen. Now that’s what happened, you have to live with that, ”says her friend Mike Heiter in the RTL interview. For him the came expulsion nevertheless surprising: “My feeling was that she was one of the favorites all the time. Almost no one expected that. ”Elena’s friend also made a guess as to why she was selected:“ The confrontation with Sven was perhaps not well received by many, ”he speculates.

The resigned herself has already spoken. “I’m really mega good! I’m glad to see my boyfriend now and also my daughter about Face Time. ”A little wistful about her Jungle Out the 27-year-old is still: “Of course you are disappointed, you left shortly before the goal, but I think I’m so proud of myself, that’s why I’m just happy to be able to go now.”

Elena Miras has to leave the jungle camp: she has a guess as to why

With their departure shortly before the final Elena Miras but not counted. “I am amazed that I had to go. I never expected it. Why – I don’t know … maybe because I open my mouth too much or talk about topics that I shouldn’t. ”In a typical Elena Miras manner, she adds:“ But the viewer should decide that. And in the end I don’t care. ”Elena is looking forward to the food the most. “I dream of a cheeseburger all the time,” she says. “And of course taking a shower because I think I stink.”

Jungle Camp 2020: Daniel and Sonja make it quick this time with the announcement

11.55 p.m .: We also have to recover from this shock. So now we put the keyboard aside and sleep. Tomorrow we’ll be reading in the same place again.

11.47 p.m .: That was really surprising. To have Sonja and Daniel about appointments? Duration today jungle test about six hours with that too Danni get a star?

11.45 p.m .: Elena have to go out. But that happened quickly today. And somehow everyone is shocked. And we ask ourselves: “Who is going to get the ‘maybe’ now?”

11.36 p.m .: Take a quick breath, then the seventh camper flies out. In a high arc.

11.35 p.m .: Now it’s back to the little advertising films – the ones in which the “stars” advertise themselves.

11:32 pm: Because Raúl sniffs to himself after the reading hour, throws him Markus “An acting masterpiece”. Also Sven leather properly against the GZSZ actor.

11:29 pm: The tears also flow Danni, while Raúl reads aloud their children’s writing. And she takes the opportunity to point out her late husband again.

Jungle camp 2020: Many tears when reading the letters from home

11:26 pm: According to her message from partner and daughter Elena covered with tears: “That with the youth welfare office has done well, because there was nothing negative in the letter.” Well, we wouldn’t bet on that.

11.25 p.m .: The perfect briefing apparently did not previously exist for the reading hour.

11:22 pm: Sven may determine who may read his letter. He says: “The crybaby!” So he chooses Raúl, That fits Danni not at all, who wants the GZSZ actor to read her letter. And it was really nice. So much so that Sven gives up. The letter to the ex-boxer was written by his eleven-year-old daughter Emily.

11:21 pm: Elena reads the letter for Raúl from his girlfriend. Elena sobs before the first word: “I even cry with you? How blatant! ”After the salutation, too Danni sentimental.

11:19 p.m .: Now follows a new episode of the popular annual episode “Flames by the Fire” – the letters of your loved ones arrive. Danni and Elena are crazy, the men grin one. Sven is just annoyed: “Why do you have to react like this?”

Jungle Camp 2020: The stars get mail from their loved ones around the campfire.


11:16 p.m .: There is again Stress between Elena and Sven – this time it’s about a rule violation. The reality TV actress pulls out the rule sheet. Raúl sees it pragmatically: “We have nothing, so nothing can be taken away from us.”

11:15 p.m .: Danni after the messed up test – icon image.

11:13 p.m .: It continues from Raúl Criticism because itself Danni itself nominated. The mood in the camp is where Büchner didn’t dare to go to the hotel – in the basement!

11:11 p.m .: Markus makes a fatal verdict on the zero-star crew: “Zero stars means for me: learned nothing. ”In addition, in view of her explanations, he states:“ She must have determined that she did not understand the exam. ”

Jungle camp 2020: Danni and Prince Damien remain without a star

11:06 p.m .: Danni wishes dogs or cats for the next jungle exam. Meanwhile, Ranger Ben has to take action and Prince Damien free from the box.

11.05 p.m .: After all, finds Danni the trap door but doesn’t dare to go down. This is how their time runs out. So it was not famous – almost like the Büchner.

11.03pm: Meanwhile Prince Damien already done his job, star in hand. And Danni? It would not have all the stars together at the start of season 15 next year.

11:02 p.m .: Daniel has Danni out that she needs the keys first. The Büchner states: “I am not the brightest star.” No, you are not a star at all!

11 p.m .: Danni actually talks to the animals. If that doesn’t work – with Dr. Dolittle ran that too.

10.55 p.m .: Preparation is everything – you all know what is blooming for us!

Jungle Camp 2020: “Jungle Unchained” with Danni and Prince Damien in “Old Bob Town”

10:51 p.m .: Now some product information follows – so much money – uh – time has to be.

10:49 pm: Prince Damien so is afraid of insects and rats. And Danni? Probably especially what moves.

10:47 p.m .: Danni must find five stars and three keys in the hotel to Prince Damien to get out of the box within six minutes. Only if you succeed, the captured stars count.

10:46 p.m .: The “Oh, wow” from Danni after the explanation of the two moderators does not sound euphoric. The sheriff gives the final instructions himself – Dr. bob,

10:46 p.m .: For Danni and Prince Damien is the path to “Snake Hotel“On – the keys got lost here. Snakes, rats, spiders and cockroaches live in the rooms. The former DSDS winner makes himself comfortable on the hotel veranda in a box secured with three locks – in addition to all kinds of bugs there is also a star that has to be untied.

10.45 p.m .: Come holding hands Prince Damien and Danni in “Old Bob Town”. The test is called “Jungle Unchained“.

10:43 p.m .:High Noon in the Wild West – Daniel arises Ranger Matt in cowboy garb. And legate gives on his harmonica “Once Upon a Time in the West” to the best. Sonja comes ridden and ensures order.

Jungle camp 2020: Danni sneaks into the hotel during the exam and comes out six minutes later without stars.


Jungle Camp 2020: Danni selects himself for the exam – together with Prince Damien

10:40 p.m .: Prince Damien and Danni are the chosen ones. While it Markus “Inexplicable” is that Büchner has got enough votes, you come Raúl on the tricks: “She also knows, no exam, no jungle queen.”

10:39 pm: When nominating for the jungle test choose yourself Danni and Elena in fact themselves. Have they actually forgotten how the first week went?

10:37 p.m .: Enjoy back in freedom Claudia a cocktail, then forgets at Read a letter from her mother-in-law Tears and finally weeping closes hers Mother Waltraud Into the arms. “Now I only have my mom with whom I have grown back together”, she sobs Norberg,

10:35 p.m .: Claudia actually tells you she would be happy about every job offer. Well then: Have fun Bachelor, Or Let’s dance, RTL is always looking for talented people.

10:34 p.m .: Markus speaks plain text – on the jungle phone: “I’d rather be on Danni can do without than Claudia. “

10:33 p.m .: Danni reached her goal with sixth place. I wonder why? A tiny tip: has to do with her husband. She hadn’t mentioned him for a long time.

Jungle camp 2020: Elena annoys Markus after Claudia’s move out

10:31 p.m .: Amateur psychic Elena agrees smoothly Markus: “I swear to you, I dreamed that you have to tremble.” Then the junk fox: “And that I stay in it?” Your answer: “I woke up there.”

10.30 p.m .: The Büchner even offers the Norberg their help. in the jungle phone she notes: “Claudia is the caregiver for me. “And:” She is a special person. “

10:28 p.m .: And Jens Büchner was a “great man” who would have hit the imaginary table if he Elena’s moods should have endured. Nice too Danni’s comparison in the jungle phone: “For Claudia, her husband died, just like my husband died.”

10:26 p.m .: Concludes at the campfire Danni: “Our life has so many parallels, so much that is similar.” Claudia at: “Our two men were here.” A steep template for the Büchner widow – she teases: “Mine held out a bit longer.”

10:25 p.m .: Danni finds the Wendler stitch “romantic”. She hasn’t heard the best yet. “I also got roses every day. He said no day in your life should be without a rose, ”Claudia recalls.

10:24 p.m .: It is still hanging on Wendler: “He was a great husband until the very end.” For her he is also a man of honor because he always stands by his word. That must be really love.

10:23 p.m .: As soon as it is out, it is moving Claudia in focus. On the last day at the camp, she revealed to the other DanniThat she had her first time with Wendler: “I was only 19.” Before that, she had never brought a boy home. She practically stretched Wendler – or Micha – out to a friend: “I didn’t want that at all. We talked and then shortly afterwards he broke up with her. ”

Jungle camp 2020: Sven apologizes to Elena – but ice age continues

10:22 p.m .: And Elena reloads – Sven is with her “down through”. He did it!

10:20 p.m .: Meanwhile, the ex-boxing world champion reproaches for his reaction bottles gate, He is approaching Elena to: “That was my mistake, okay?” And she thinks it’s okay. Immediately afterwards, the ice age continues between the two. The Miras comments: “For me everything that has to do with Sven is over.” And out!

10:19 p.m .: Elena about Sven: “I knew he was wearing a mask.” Isn’t she confusing Ottke with another well-known boxer?

Jungle camp 2020: Sven Ottke apologizes to Elena Miras.


10:18 p.m .: To start with, Daniel jokes about his Reading faux pas when voting yesterday, Yes well, reading also needs to be learned!

10:17 p.m .: So so, Elena won’t miss the jungle. The jungle certainly doesn’t either. Betting?

10.15 p.m .: Go away here. Today we cry a lot again – because that Letters from loved ones fly to camp.

Jungle camp 2020: Claudia receives a punitive order from home

Update from 10:10 p.m .: Let us concentrate fully on the jungle. In five minutes it will be round again.

Update from 10:05 p.m .: After being kicked out of the jungle camp Claudia one image– Reported to be a highly unpleasant letter. Accordingly, the public prosecutor’s office in Duisburg has one Order against the 49-year-oldrequested, which is currently being examined. Claudia will Prevention of foreclosure in the act of bankruptcy in two cases and false insurance on oaths instead accused. As a result, she faces a one-year prison sentence that will be suspended.

Claudia is said to be in the course of the bankruptcy of her company in 2014 Assets put aside to have. She should also have lied. The image said the Norberg: “I know about the penalty order, work very closely with my insolvency administrator.” She is “definitely without assets” and emphasizes: “I can rule out that I gave a false statement.”

Update from 9.48pm: The Danni opponents are also all means to send “Miss Jungle Trial” home. Sure, Kaa!

Update from 9:39 p.m .: If the semi-finals are scheduled for Friday, we have quarters today. As candidates for the throne are also among them: Danni, Elena, Markus, Prince Damien, Raúl and Sven, Who will win the race?

Jungle Camp 2020: Legat goes to the musicians as “DJ Kafkasalla”

Update from 9:23 pm: Now he sings too – there is no other way to describe what RTL published today by and with Thorsten Legat, Did the piece really come from his pen? As “DJ Kafkasalla“The ex-football professional and IBES third of the tenth season”I play the piano“. Doesn’t anyone think of the poor pianos? Really nobody? If you want to hear it anyway, you will find it here.

Update from 8.49 p.m .: While Friends and partners Mike the mostly very aggressive behavior of Elena positively or at least refer to the special circumstances in the jungle, a psychologist assesses the situation somewhat differently. The reasons behind the appearance of the Miras sees Silvia Fauck in the RTL Interview in de Psyche or in the past: “Either someone has one weakness of character, Or someone has a disorder or a whole heavy youth behind. ”But you could go back“ to the day of Santa ”. However, given the millions of TV viewers, the trigger could also be quite banal: “In this case, of course, you also have to consider whether it isn’t a show is. “

Update from 7.40 p.m .: To bottles gate is not all said. Also Elena’s partner Mike comments on the latest Freak out of the Swiss, in the RTL Interview he talks about his experiences with the meticulous lady: “If I drink from a bottle, she would rather take a new bottle than drink from mine. But that’s legitimate, everyone has their rough edges. ” Mike believes, however, that the topic has “grown up”. He expects himself Elena and Sven will avoid in the last days of the camp. In the end, the two had clashed again and again.

Jungle camp 2020: did TV breakdown cause Claudias Aus?

Update from 6.41 p.m .: In the meantime, RTL has published an official statement on the telephone number faux pas. Adversity is admitted there, but at the same time it is stated: “The vote is and remains valid.”

Update from 6:02 p.m .: The Claudia thrown out on day 13, according to a report image a taste. As the tabloid reports, it worked Daniel Hartwich in the Announcement of the phone numberswith which viewers could call for their favorite camper, a faux pas. About 20 minutes before the end of the voting, the RTL presenter accidentally gave the final digit 01, which was released for Anastasiya, instead of Claudia’s 02. So maybe Norberg fans dialed the wrong number.

There will be no repetition of voting, Claudia may not intervene again in the race for the jungle crown. “There was a little slip of the tongue on the show,” she quotes image a spokesman for the station: “Since the correct final digit but it was always shown, the vote is valid. ”There has been no response from Wendler-Ex.

The newspaper also reported that TV viewers had complained because Telephone numbers for voting “not available for a long time” been. To do this shared RTL the image with: “There were and are no technical problems with the voting. Everything went perfectly. “

Update from 5:37 p.m .: The battle for the jungle crown is getting more serious. Read here how Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich rate the other candidates *.

Jungle camp 2020: Anastasiya surprises with a statement about Elena

Update from 16:56: Next Danni determined from the first day of the jungle Elena the IBES headlines. The Swiss remains Jungle Unchained Jungle Exam saved, but outside the camp there is a lot of discussion. Playboy bunny Anastasiya, who had to pack her backpack on Tuesday, told Promiflash that she had the impression Elena polarize consciously and have fun provoking your fellow human beings. “But I also got to know nice sides of her,” the Ukrainian defends her former colleague – although she also states: “In general, I can’t judge her well because I didn’t have as much contact with her.”

And Melanie Müller – Season 8 winner – in the Promiflash interview reveals that she likes honest people Elena guess. However, she added: “But that doesn’t make her jungle Queen, that’s a fact. ”She already assumes that the Miras One of the stars in the jungle that has a larger fan base behind it: “It just has this Ghetto-Assi slang, like him very, very many, hate very, very many. I don’t think she’s negative, she’s actually a positive person. “

Jungle Camp 2020: Today Danni Büchner surprises everyone – Did she think about it exactly?

First report from January 23:

Has over the past 13 jungle days Danni Büchners Relationship with the jungle exams has undergone an enormous change: while the widow of Jens Büchner happy at the beginning about the airtime gained for the “Danni Büchner Show” was, she developed a greater aversion to the disgust tasks with each jungle test, even broke the “Ge elevator” after a few seconds *. After all, she was glad that it was no longer the audience who chose the candidates for the exams, but the candidates each other. So she has been spared so far, after all, all candidates are hungry and want to earn as many stars as possible.

Jungle Camp 2020: Day 14 in the live ticker – Danni chooses himself for the exam

But on day 14 a real hammer awaits us in the jungle camp 2020 *: Danni Büchner selects himself in the jungle test “Jungle Unchained”, as can be seen in advance in a video from RTL.de. Her fellow campers – among whom the mood on Jungle Day 13 was already at a low point * – are surprised when Markus Reinecke announces that in addition to Prince Damien, Danni also has to take the test. “You must have chosen yourself, right?” Raùl Richter asks incredulously.

Jungle camp 2020: residents suspect ulterior motives

Some residents immediately sense calculus. Does the “Goodbye Germany” star want to be the center of attention? “Danni chose himself. She will have understood: No stars, no jungle king, ”assumes Raùl and thus plays crystal clear on her previously rather mediocre successes in the jungle tests on. Dannis is also an ally Claudia Norberg had been chosen * the day before. Is Danni afraid of getting too little airtime?

Jungle camp 2020: Danni fights brutal snake

In the RTL clip you can already guess that Danni might soon regret her generous decision. She shrieks and yells at a snake in the jungle test: “Now stop it, snake!” When Sonja Zieltow irritably asks: “What does the snake do?”, Replies Danni: “It breaks something!” Like the fight between Danni and the rioting snake, check out our ticker here tonight or watch RTL. All the jungle camp broadcast dates can be found here *.

On day 14, the following candidates are still in the 2020 jungle camp:

Video: The jungle camp stars get so much coal



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