Jungle camp 2020: riot in the Versace hotel – candidate for almost scandal?


The candidates for the jungle camp descend in the Palazzo Versace in Australia.

© Screenshot TV Now

In the Palazzo Versace, the jungle camp candidates recover from the Australian bush. But in the luxury hotel, residents also celebrate properly – once there was even a scandal in the hotel lobby.

  • The Jungle camp candidates reside in Palazzo Versace before and after their camp stay in Australia.
  • But in that luxury Hotel there were already one or two eclat,
  • Among other things, an ex-jungle camp candidate is said to have almost a huge damage in the lobby have done.

Munich – After your stay at Jungle Camp * Without a shower and proper beds, the jungle camp participants are particularly looking forward to one thing: the Palazzo Versace. In the 5-star plus hotel in Queensland on the Gold Coast, they climb Jungle camp residents along with her companion since season one. In the hotel, which cost a whopping 120 million euros, camp residents battered by jungle diet * and exams can relax in a huge pool area from the hard life in the open air.

Jungle camp: chandelier is at the heart of the Versace hotel

In a TV Now article, the marketing manager of the luxury hotel gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the Versace dynasty hotel. She reveals: The chandelier in the lobby is the heart of the luxury hotel. The murdered in 1997 Gianni Versace had bought the gem and wanted to hang it in his villa. But after his death, the 750 kg chandelier was installed in the lobby of the luxury hotel.

Ex-jungle camp candidate is supposed to be shot down with chandeliers with soccer ball

But in the article we learn that this significant chandelier of almost one in 2005 Jungle camp candidates has fallen victim. According to the report Willi gentlemen – Jungle camp participants from season 2 – the culprit. The party singer, who announced the separation from his wife Jasmin shortly after his “Summer House of Stars” participation, almost shot the valuable piece with a soccer ball.

The hotel is silent on that Near-mishap, It is generally difficult to understand why you play football in the lobby of such a luxury hotel.

This south-east expensive chandelier apparently fell victim to an ex-camper.

© Screenshot TV Now

Jungle Camp: These dramas already took place in the Versace Palace

But that’s not the only one eclat, which is now in the 14 jungle camp seasons happened in the Palazzo Versace: Because the Jungle camp extract not infrequently celebrated extravagantly. Ex-jungle camp candidate Julian F. M. Stoeckel said that in season 8, when he finished ninth, all of the minibars were drunk empty. The campers apparently celebrated so extreme that the hotel manager warned them.

Not only wild party nights caused excitement in the hotel: ex-jungle camp candidate Jay Khan collapsed in the middle of the Versace hotel lobby in 2015 and had to be taken to the hospital.

Video: jungle camp – what happened to the winners?

Jungle Camp 2020: This is how the 14th season runs

So far there have been no scandals in the current jungle camp season Versace Hotel, the camp is bubbling all the more: First, Danni Büchner caused one shitstorm * after the other, then Danni also put a questionable competition online and then there was also a voting breakdown at RTL *.

In the semifinals there are still 5 participants in the race *, one seems to be a clear favorite in the race for the jungle crown *: Prince Damien * is apparently currently ahead of the pack. But whether he really gets the crown, read about it in our jungle camp live ticker * for the final. You can also read at tz.de whether there will be a scandal again at the “Great Reunion”.


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