Justin Bieber makes shocking confession about his sex life with Hailey Baldwin



Singer Justin Bieber has gone from embracing celibacy for more than a year to talk about his sex life without bites both in his new album and in his public appearances.

The lucky ones who attended the intimate recital he offered this week at the Indigo at The O2 in London, which was followed by a meeting with his fans, were speechless when the young man entered to give details of his intimate life with his wife Hailey Bieber

The young man gave details about how they like to spend their free time. There goes a hint: it implies the least amount of clothing possible.

“When I am with my wife we ​​like … you can imagine what we like to do, and things get out of control,” he acknowledged.

“It’s basically the only thing we do. We also like to watch movies,” he added using the English expression ‘Netflix and chill’, a euphemism that translates into Spanish as’Netflix and relax ‘and is used to imply that you plan to have sex.

“The part we like most is to relax, no doubt,” he said.

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Before reuniting with his current wife and returning to his teenage romance, the interpreter had been diagnosed “a very real problem with sex,” which had become a source of problems that no longer provided him with pleasure.

Consequently, he completely renounced it to feel closer to God, until he reconciled with Hailey.

One of the reasons that led the couple to marry in a civil wedding that took place September 2018, two months after they got engaged, was precisely Justin’s desire to give up that self-imposed vow of chastity.

But the issue of chastity was not Bieber’s only problem, he recently told Ellen Degeneres who once questioned his ability to remain totally faithful to his wife.

“‘Being faithful? That is a great (matter) … am I able to do that?'” He asked himself before his wedding. “So, I think that is really what I was struggling with. Finally I said: “I will make the decision and I will go ahead and be a husband. This is what I always wanted. I will choose this woman and just do it.”

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In September 2019, Bieber and Baldwin They married in a religious ceremony in front of their relatives in South Carolina.



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