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Conduct of trial

Rossana’s son, Nino Wilkes, is also officially the plaintiff in the summary proceedings against Scammed?! on behalf of Kluivert Dog Rescue Center. According to Kluiverts lawyers, the program has deliberately sketched the wrong picture. “We acted in bad faith here. A dire lack of truth-finding. Heavily dropped through the lower limit. The bias with this editorial team is dripping off. ”The lawyers insist on the requirement for rectification from the program makers themselves.

According to AVROTROS’s lawyer, the broadcast in question was not about serious accusations. “Nowhere has the impression been given that there has been fraud or fraud.” The creators describe in the broadcast that, according to them, there was ample discussion.

This message is further supplemented.

Our reporter André Spaansen is present at the case. Read his tweets below.


In the November broadcast, volunteers and veterinarians spoke who are also committed to dogs on the island. The report showed that none of them knew where the Kluivert reception center is located on the island.

In addition, the program revealed that Kluivert would care for far fewer dogs than she claims, and that she would have paid tens of thousands of euros in marketing costs and rented a shop from the money collected from donors.

Rossana spoke shame of the episode and blames the program makers for carelessness and a lack of rebuttal. She found it incomprehensible that she was not allowed to respond in the studio to the allegations and revelations that, according to her, were largely distributed by an organization with whom she had terminated the collaboration.

AVROTROS, however, stated that it was invited to respond. “The editors of Scammed?! has given Rossana Kluivert the opportunity to respond in different moments and ways, “said a spokesperson. “We have wanted to be properly heard. But she did not want to use it. “

Rossana stayed with her story and went to court to get the episode offline. “The AVROTROS does not want to rectify voluntarily, which is why we have taken this step,” said her lawyer Royce de Vries at the time.


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