Mhoni Seer: horoscopes of the week, you will be surrounded by gossip


Horoscope of the week from December 23 to 29. From the hand of the stars, check what fate holds for the next few days.

Your sign will have the Mars influence, so it will be in the middle of many energies found. You must be cautious in everything you do, remember that impulses dominate you and that makes you more vulnerable to others.

In love you are looking for a boy of the sign of Capricorn, Aquarius or Leo, so try to be at peace, but if you still feel something, come back; Remember that the most important thing is to be happy and we all deserve a second chance.

With the influence of Saturn, you must pause the use of resources; that is, you must be calm so that the negative energies around you can pass.

Remember that this planet will be very decisive for your sign in the workplace, so I recommend that you wear a white candle this January 21 and put a lot of perfume on the back of your neck so you can protect yourself from any problem.

Those who are in a couple will decide to give a space to the relationship to heal everything they can bring from the past. Singles will experience many new and compatible loves.

Jupiter will govern your sign and cause alteration of emotions. You must be attentive to the discomfort of your body so that you do not get sick. You will go through negative energies, so I recommend not having any surgery and on January 21, turn on a red candle and use a silver object to protect yourself.

A love of the sign of Scorpio or Pisces comes into your life that will be very compatible, so do not miss the opportunity. I recommend patience and trust in your relationship to Gemini with a partner.

This week Neptune will be present in your sign and that will mark the beginning of a new stage of prosperity and abundance in your life, so I recommend you light a yellow candle and use a gold object to attract more luck this January 21.

You will be surrounded by gossip and problems with your superiors, but do not fall for provocations of your companions, which is only the envy they feel for you.

Don’t look for love anymore, let it surprise you because these days will be very lively with new and compatible people.

Your influence will be governed by the Sun and that will detonate your impulsive side and desire to fight with everyone, so I recommend you turn on a white candle on January 21 and use a silver object to cut the negative current.

In love it will be a week of passion and with the possibility of falling in love with your partner again. For singles they will be days of passionate and fleeting love.

This week the planet Uranus will govern your sign and will greatly affect your personal life, which implies that the energies will be very upset. Remember that these days also Saturn will influence your sign generating a feeling of sadness, so I recommend lighting this January 21 a red candle and pour holy water on the back of your neck until this negative energy passes.

The planet that will rule you this week is Mars on its impulsive side, that is, you will be very upset and remembering past problems. Remember that your sign is air and this Monday you will have a job offer or the arrival of extra money for a debt from the past.

In love try to keep calm and not fall into any provocation with your friends or partner.

You will be influenced by Jupiter on his side of abundance during these days, which implies that it will be very good luck for your sign.

Your sign is a natural leader and that’s why you always give your best opinion. You get a stroke of luck on January 23 with the numbers 08, 33 and 52. Singles will continue a time without a partner, but will go out to have fun. The married will have stability in their sentimental life. Your best virtue is that you can’t stand envy and gossip.

Pluto will rule you on its economic side with unforeseen expenses and money losses. I recommend you not take out any credit these days and try to spend only what is necessary.

In love you will continue to look for the ideal partner. Remember that the motto of Sagittarius this year will be travel and knowing how to live fully. Consider that the personality of your sign is to be simple, emotional, sensitive and very artistic, which means that you know how to color your life of imagination and adventures.

This week the planet that will rule you is Mars, especially on a personal level, which will affect you a lot in emotional matters. Remember that Capricorn is the goat of the Zodiac and this puts you on the defensive against others. Week of making some changes in the way you act.

You will be influenced by the planet Venus the following days. Aquarians will enter a stage of metamorphosis in their life.

Use a lot of perfume this January 21st. A love from the past looks for you to ask you a favor, remember that the Aquarius is the Zodiac’s helpful and doesn’t know how to say no, so support him, that will make you feel good.

The Moon will rule the Pisces in good fortune. A combination of economic surprises and good news is coming. I recommend you to cut your hair on January 21 and use a lot of perfume to cancel out any negative energy around you. Pisces is the most mystical and intuitive sign of the Zodiac.

Those who are single will finally find people very compatible with their sign. You make credit card and car payments.



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