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Danni and Sven – the candidates have never been so weak, says RTL. The showers still hated Danni. Prince Damien loved everyone.

Until the end, the jungle camp final was no longer about who is the best, but who is the least bad. Since there was only one who did something, the choice was not difficult. The “Today” readers voted for him in the internal poll – with an overwhelming majority:

Prince Damien was crowned the Jungle King and burst into tears of happiness. While other candidates in the camp kept crying, it was the first tears of the season for him. He was almost always in a good mood. In addition to the brake on fun, Danni earned him many sympathy points. “How should we pay out the prize, in cash or in rangers?” Asks moderator Daniel when putting on the crown. “In rangers, of course,” beams the new king of the jungle. Because he raved about the sexy rangers all season.

Prince and a real king: Damien generous, without calculation

“I want to give something back to Australia. If Dr. Bob has an organization where you can do something, I want to give 20,000 euros there”: Prince Damien didn’t brag about it before, but now that he has the money in his pocket , he becomes generous. Even if he doesn’t get any more points from the callers.

Moderator Sonja, who doesn’t get anything else upset, was happy about Damien’s victory. She even wiped a tear from her eye.

Hate object number 1: Danni

Nobody was hated by the audience as much as Danni Büchner. Still, everyone trembled that maybe she could still win. There was even loud speculation about “postponement”. But Danni was the first to fly out of the final. Twitter cheered:

If someone doesn’t understand the nasty allusion: “Ding Dong the witch is dead” is a song from “The Wizard of Oz”.

While Sonja Zierlow’s heart was clearly beating for Prince Damien, she could hardly hide her dislike for Danni Büchner:

+++ The whole live ticker with all disses against Danni HERE for reading +++

Danni undresses, nobody wants to see it

The most hated person went to the camp for the first jungle test. Danni was especially horrified at her jungle test. She didn’t even let rats and snakes get close to her, she trembled so much about cockroaches and spiders that she didn’t get the star. Only the green ants grabbed it and unscrewed a measly star. Afterwards she had ants in her bra and defoliated. Nobody wanted to see that.

Sven is the worst jungle camper of ALL seasons

Ex-boxing world champion Sven also failed. In 14 seasons of the jungle camp, nobody has ever been this bad. He had most of the dishes emptied, but only tried three at all. He choked down a spider, and spat out a pureed pork lung. Also just a star for Sven. Funny detail on the side: Even a vegetarian was better than Sven and she was over 70!

Danni fails, but still scolds Sven

Danni, who shouldn’t have opened her mouth to a star, still scolded on the jungle phone. “He has come off,” she etches. She was sure she would have been better.

Damien wins twice as much as the measly rest

Prince Damien takes the 3rd test and finally shows how it works. Despite one slime shower after the other (fish offal etc.), he finds a total of four stars. Twice as many as the other two together.

Again and again Jens Büchner

“I had a lot more depths than anyone else here,” Danni is sure on the jungle phone. Well, at least she spoiled more than everyone else. And she brings up her husband Jens again. After almost two hours of broadcasting, she has done it for the fifth time. She also had conversations with her late husband. On Twitter, the bad mouths are certain: all calculations. Danni wanted her wedding ring as a prize, on the jungle phone, before the exam or even alone: ​​the widow always manages to mention Jens. Far more often than their children.

Damien likes it in the jungle camp

Prince Damien, on the other hand, wins positives from the jungle camp. “I’m the only one who really likes it here,” he muses. He got to know each other again. “A me without a cell phone, a me without an internet”: Damien sees the jungle camp positively.

This is how much the jungle campers earn for their poor performance:

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Entry into the jungle camp with “bottom without” affair

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