Ramy Gamal’s mother demands that the model of his clips be replaced with landscapes .. And the artist: Why we are furnished with a villa


Artist Ramy Gamal mentioned a funny discussion that took place between him and his mother related to the idea of ​​models appearing in his clips and suggested that he replace them with natural scenes, and he said in a tweet to him on his personal account on the website “Twitter”, saying: “My dear mother has reservations about the presence and acceptance of any model that was photographed with me before You advise me if I replace them with natural scenes … Why do you like this, Mama, we are brushing a villa … advice to the directors, let you have a lot of your work, my mother inside your work and strongly. “

Rami Jamal flirts with his mother on Twitter
Rami Jamal flirts with his mother on Twitter

Rami Jamal returned to his mother and wife in the context of talking about replacing models with landscapes in the cliffs, today, Monday, at his expense on “Instagram”, and joking with them, “I will make a love story with a cactus flower, so my mom will relax.” مرات de Marati, the idea will be eco-friendly, “and his wife reacted to the ridicule of her husband in the comments, saying,” My love, my mother-in-law. “

The artist Rami Gamal had celebrated the birthday of his retired singer Nariman, through his account on “Instagram”, where he published a photo of their gathering, accompanied by a comment: “Every year and you are good, happy and stumpy every year, and you fulfill all your dreams in me, and may God protect you and bless you.” He said: “Every year, you are successful, and you are enlightened and enlightened, the life of all your beloved, my best heart in the world, may God protect you for me.”

Ramy Gamal responds to his mother's rejection of the appearance of models in his clips
Ramy Gamal responds to his mother’s rejection of the appearance of models in his clips

During the new year, Rami Jamal cooperates in his new album with the lyricist Ayman Bahjat Qamar in a new song, composed by Yasser Nour. It is scheduled to be released early in the new year, and it was not the first time that Ayman Bahjat Qamar cooperated with Rami Jamal, where they cooperated. Previously, in a number of songs, including the song “Above”, composed by Madian, and the distribution of music by Ahmed Abdel Salam.

It is noteworthy that Rami Jamal performed on a New Year’s Eve a concert in the fifth assembly area, which started with the song “Layalina”, amid the applause of the present audience, who received him with a standing ovation, especially since this concert is his first after announcing his illness.



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