Schlager: Beatrice Egli in deep sadness – “Just have to cry”


Pop star Beatrice Egli is in deep sadness. After her break, the singer started again. But a current event is difficult for them to endure.

  • Beatrice Egli (31) is the most successful pop singer in Switzerland
  • In 2019, the happy nature took a break, then came back with a new album
  • But now you’re having an event – Beatrice Egli is in deep sadness

Switzerland – Pop singer Beatrice Egli is currently going through a very difficult time. The otherwise than A popular hit star (The most successful German pop singer of all time *) is in shock and deeply sad. The pretty pop singer from Switzerland regularly posts pictures of her appearances in hit shows on social media (these are the biggest hit shows on German television *). But now the 31-year-old was thoughtful, with a slightly trembling voice and tears in her eyes.

At the beginning of 2019, the pop star (The artist names of the pop stars and their real names *) took a break and went to Australia for several months. There refueled Beatrice Egli strength again, traveled through Down Under and came back with a new album. With this, she landed straight away Number 2 in the German Schlager charts, So everything is good with the pop singer? No, because an event affects the blonde happy nature quite a bit.

Pop singer Beatrice Egli sad: “I just can’t stand it”

The year 2019 thought so many stories Pop star Beatrice Egli ready. First the longer break in Australia, then the new album, on which the Swiss girl breaks new ground. But not everything went well for the pop singer. The new year also had some ups and downs for the 31-year-old. Beatrice Egli had to put up with some hate comments online, it was about her figure. * On Facebook she now confessed: “I was finished.” This confession may have got under the skin of her fans. *

But she was in a mood pop singer never spoiled. Beatrice Egli is a true happy nature and radiant woman. But a current event brings tears to the Swiss woman’s eyes. She now lets her fans participate on Instagram and asks for help. It’s about the devastating bushfires in Australia. We know, that Beatrice Egli has developed a personal connection to the country through her time out. The Swiss woman is all the more affected by the acute situation down under.

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Pop star Beatrice Egli donates annual revenue for her hit “Terra Australia”

“The country has given me so much and I just have to cry when I have the latest Pictures of the bushfires see there. There are already so many victims and I just can’t stand what is happening there, ”she writes Pop singer on Instagram, “I would like to help to rebuild the country sustainably and that’s why I support WWF Australia!”

Beatrice Egli donates the annual income of her hit “Terra Australia”, which she dedicated to the country, to the action of WWF Germany, which has committed itself to saving and planting two billion trees in order to restore the habitat in Australia in a sustainable manner. “The country has given me so much again. A country that has brought a lot of energy, a lot of joy and a lot of music back into my life … and that’s why I want to help ”, said the touching words of the pop singer,

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