Suleiman Eid’s family and a horrific traffic accident Learn more


The Suleiman Eid family suffered a horrific traffic accident today, as the artist’s wife and daughter were on their way and they suffered a serious traffic accident. Suleiman Eid explained this through his official account on Instagram, and he published some photos that illustrate the bad condition that the car was on.

Suleiman Eid’s family and a terrible car accident

Solomon Eid wrote, commenting on the photos he published:

“Praise be to God, my destiny and kindness. My wife made an accident in Arabic. Come on, my daughter, thank God they are fine.”

A large number of stars, artists, and fans of the artist Suleiman Eid interacted with what he wrote, with his congratulations on the safety of his family, and the artist Suleiman sent Thanksgiving to his fans after they sent many messages in a desire to check on their health.

Solomon Eid and a thank you message

Suleiman Eid commented on his personal account on Instagram in a thank you message to all his fans and fans, saying:

A thousand thanks to all the people who have reassured my family, and may God protect you from any evil, and thank God my family is fine.

Traffic accident details

The details showed that the artist’s wife collided with another car, and the accident resulted in a breakdown of the front part of the car, and many pioneers of social networking sites called on him to compensate him with goodness, praising God for the safety of his family.


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