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Before being replaced in 2017 by J.J. Abrams, Colin Trevorrow was supposed to write and direct Star Wars: Episode IX. Summaries of two of the scripts he wrote with Derek Connolly have been leaked in recent days, via Robert Meyer Burnett and Making Star Wars. These are reliable sources. However, it should be noted that neither Trevorrow nor Lucasfilm have confirmed the authenticity of these scripts at this time.

Below is a summary of the first script from Trevorrow and Connolly, completed in December 2016 (before Carrie Fisher’s death). Below, we will present the differences with their last script.


The first version

The title of Trevorrow Episode IX was “Duel of the Fates“(” duel of destinies “). It is obviously a reference to the famous musical theme of The Phantom Menace.

Scrolling text:

“The iron fist of the First Order has extended to the far reaches of the galaxy. Only a few scattered planets remain unoccupied. Acts of betrayal are punishable by death.

Determined to stifle growing unrest, Supreme Leader KYLO REN cut all communication between neighboring systems.

Led by GENERAL LEIA ORGANA, the Resistance has planned a secret mission to prevent its destruction and to open a path to freedom … “

The film begins at the Kuat shipyards. [Note : C’est une planète d’abord apparue dans l’ancien univers étendu]. The planet is surrounded by an orbital ring, where workers exploited by the First Order build Star Destroyers. BB-8 (repainted for camouflage) and Rose are on an undercover mission. Finn and Poe are also present in another area. Rey, disguised as a Tusken, ends up joining them.

There are kinds of devices connecting the planet and the Star Destroyers, used to transport ore. The heroes seek to sabotage the devices by inserting explosives, which are also supposed to destroy the fleet. But their plan is not working. Stormtroopers attack the heroes. Rey uses a stick with two lightsaber blades, which she created by combining her old weapons. Kuat’s children understand that she is a Jedi and are in awe. There is a battle. The heroes grab an Eclipse class Star Destroyer and flee with it.

Knife 9, ship of the Knights of Ren, arrives on Kuat. The Knights speak to Admiral Vonn, in charge of the troops on the building sites. Unhappy with what happened, they kill him.

We then see Coruscant, the former capital of the Republic. New structures have been built on top of the old ones on the planet city. It is occupied by the First Order who built its citadel there. There is a lot of poverty, especially at the lowest levels. Hux, who now has the title of chancellor, heads Coruscant.

Hux gives a speech to the people, after which an accomplice of the Resistance is executed by a laser guillotine. There is a scene where Hux is meeting with alien warlords (including a Weequay), allies of the First Order. The aliens are worried that Rey, the last Jedi, is still active and want to know where Kylo Ren is. Hux just knows that Kylo has gone in search of great power.

We find Kylo on Mustafar, the volcanic planet where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi fought, and where Darth Vader had his castle. Kylo is haunted by the ghost of Luke Skywalker, who tries to convince him to repent. But Kylo despises him.

Kylo finds a Sith holocron in Vader Castle. He activates it, and a hologram of Palpatine appears. This is a message for Vader. Palpatine says that if Luke kills him, Vader will have to take Luke to the “Remincore” system to find “Tor Valum”, the “Sith master” who once formed Palpatine. The holocron realizes that it is not Vader who is looking at the hologram. He sends red lightning to Kylo. Her face is damaged, purple veins appear. He yells.

Base of the Resistance on the planet “Korilev”. Leia feels Kylo’s pain. She is with Chewbacca and Lieutenant Connix, who has a scar. Rey and his companions return to base in their stolen Star Destroyer. There were officers on the deck of the Star Destroyer, but Rey manipulated their minds. Leia decides not to kill them. Rey tells Finn that she doesn’t live up to the hopes people have in her. She also tells him that she has nightmares about Kylo and that she still thinks she can bring him to light. Resistance fighters discover that the Star Destroyer is full of armaments: TIE fighters, walkers, vehicles, heavy artillery … But they lack the personnel to use all of this.

By studying the ancient Jedi texts of Ahch-To, Rey discovers that under the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, there is a communication system which dates from the Old Republic, more than 1000 years ago. It is connected to 50 other planets. You have to go under the temple to activate this “Force tag”. This would send a signal calling on people to come to the Resistance for help. The First Order, which cut all communications between the systems, could do nothing against the signal because it predates their technology. The heroes decide to go activate this signal.

Before leaving, Rey trains under the gaze of Luke’s ghost, who pushes her to become more powerful in the Force. Rey is suspicious and says that she may not be expected to become a Jedi.

Kylo, ​​his face damaged, returns to Coruscant. Mandalorian armor is melted and tips are placed on his face. Kylo tells Hux that he still has to be away and that he has better things to do than parading on Coruscant. He tells him that he will soon find a very great power of which the Sith texts speak. He instructs him to eliminate the Resistance but to leave him with Rey.

Rose, Finn, R2-D2 and C-3PO go to Coruscant to activate the signal. Rey, Poe and Chewbacca leave for their part in a place where Rey can obtain information allowing him to arrest Kylo. Before leaving, Rey tells Leia that she believes there is still good in Kylo, ​​but Leia is skeptical. Leia motivates Rey to find her own path. Kylo takes Vader’s helmet, and accuses his grandfather of having let love cloud his judgment. He throws the helmet off a Coruscant balcony. The helmet breaks on the ground. Kylo leaves for the planet “Remincore”, an ancient Sith lair.

On Remincore, Kylo approaches an old military stone building. There are lots of vestiges of war. Kylo enters the building and meets “Tor Valum”. He is a 7,000-year-old alien with a frail and muscular body. Kylo asks him if he has trained Dark Plagueis, but Valum says the name means nothing to him. Kylo threatens him. Valum challenges him to take his place among the gods of Mortis [Note : ces Vecteurs de la Force, êtres surpuissants, sont apparus dans The Clone Wars]. He tells Kylo that he can’t be a real Sith because his past haunts him too much. He teaches Kylo how to cheat death by absorbing the Living Force of others.

On Coruscant, R2 and 3PO enter the Jedi Temple. Homeless people have settled there. On “Remincore”, Kylo absorbs the Living Force of “Gronk boars”. During his training, he enters a strange cave causing a vergence in the Force. He faces Vader there and loses the fight. Kylo asks Valum where Mortis is, but Valis finds Kylo not worthy of going there. Kylo then sucks Valum’s Living Force and kills him.

The droids manage to activate the signal and broadcast a hologram of Leia. We see its reception in different places of the galaxy. “Bendu monks”, Bossk and residents of Tatooine receive it. But the transmission is interrupted before the end.

Rey, Poe, Chewie and BB-8 are on Bonadan (a planet introduced into the old extended universe). Poe takes Rey to a clairvoyant capable of extracting information from his memory. He creates a spatial map from the vision of Rey where she sees Kylo. Then Rey and his companions travel on the water. The Knife 9 arrives. The Knights of Ren come out and fight Rey. Heroin has visions. Rey ends up killing the Knights. She is disturbed by this act. She knows who the knights were, but doesn’t understand how she knows it. She tells Poe to join the Resistance and let her continue alone. Poe refuses. She tries to manipulate it psychically, but it doesn’t work. Finally, she manages to convince him by kissing him. Rey grabs the Knife 9. Poe, Chewie and BB-8 bring the Millennium Falcon back to the stolen Star Destroyer.

Hux contacts Kylo to update him on the events. Kylo, ​​who is leaving Remnicore, says that he was the one who cut off the Force beacon signal. Hux asks Kylo to use his new powers against the Resistance. But Kylo goes to Mortis. Leia goes to a cabaret owned by Lando on the planet Alaforn. She asked him to use his contacts with smugglers to help the Resistance. He refuses, no longer believing in the cause, and pushes her to leave before the First Order spots her. Rey arrives at Mortis. [Note : cette planète est apparue dans The Clone Wars] His ship crashes. Kylo arrives at Mortis at the same time.

The final battle begins on Coruscant. It takes place on earth, in the air and in space. Chewie pilots an X-wing. Rose is captured and tortured, but she resists and manages to escape.

On Mortis, Rey climbs on an icy mountain. She reaches a plateau with statues of elders in togas, who are not Jedi. She has a vision of herself as a child on Jakku. Her parents leave her and tell her they will come back. Kylo walks in a forest and sees a house. He sees himself, younger, entering the house to find Han Solo. In this vision of the past, Ben announces to his father that he denies his family and leaves to join Snoke. Han tries to convince him to stay by telling him that his family loves him. He asks to see his lightsaber. Kylo then has a vision of when he killed Han in The Force Awakens. The vision stops and Kylo climbs the frozen mountain.

Kylo and Rey face each other at the top of the mountain, near a huge temple. Rey tries to convince Kylo to give up the dark side. Kylo says that with the power resting in the temple, they could rule the galaxy together, using both the dark side and the bright side like the ancients once did. Rey replies that she will not join him after what he has done to his family. She says she knows it was Kylo who killed her parents. They did not sell Rey to buy themselves a drink. They separated from their daughter because they were trying to escape from Kylo.

We then see a flashback with Kylo and the Knights of Ren (the moment already seen in The Force Awakens), and we hear a child scream.
Kylo admits that he chased Rey when she was a child because Snoke had ordered her to find anyone who could become a threat to him. He admits to killing Rey’s parents, but says Rey should thank him because she was able to live safely on Jakku. Kylo and Rey are fighting. Each one tries to suck the Living Force of the other. Kylo ends up defeating Rey by cutting her in the face. Rey is blinded. Kylo enters the temple.

Kylo reaches a stone slab. He opens it and finds nothing at all. He enrages and slices the statues. Luke’s ghost appears, tells him that he has lost and drives him to repent. Rey blindfolds and moves around relying on her instincts. Luke gives a speech on the Force that connects all beings in the galaxy, while we see images of the Battle of Coruscant. He disappears. Rey resumes the fight against Kylo. She says that their masters were mistaken, and that she will henceforth reject neither darkness nor light in her. Kylo tells her that she is nobody. She replied that “nobody is nobody”.

Rey ends up cutting off the handle of Kylo’s lightsaber and several of his fingers. Kylo absorbs Rey’s Life Force. He regenerates and can get rid of the metal pieces that were on his face. Rey is on the verge of death and begs Kylo to stop.

Leia senses what is happening and communicates with Kylo through the Force. She begs him to come back to his side. Kylo repents and becomes Ben Solo again. He takes Rey’s hand and gives him back his Life Force, sacrificing his own life. Just before dying, he reveals to Rey that his last name is Solana. The ghosts of Obi-Wan, Luke and Yoda are trying to save Ben but it is too late.

Rey, still injured, is lying on the stone slab. A light invades the decor. Rey is transported to a supernatural place called “the astral level”. Yoda, Luke and Obi-Wan appear. They tell her that she has succeeded where they failed, and that she has found the balance between light and dark. They tell her that she must choose between staying in the comfort of the Astral Level or pursuing a life made of both love and suffering. The ancient Jedi disappear. Obi-Wan’s voice tells Rey that she won’t be the last Jedi.

(Note: Burnett does not detail much about the Battle of Coruscant, but here is some information:

• Lando changes his mind and arrives during the battle with reinforcements
• Near the citadel of the First Order, Finn, R2-D2 and C-3PO encourage citizens to revolt.
• The head of R2-D2 is destroyed during the battle. C-3PO is upset. Chewbacca keeps the remains of R2-D2.
• The Resistance finally wins.
• When Hux realizes that the battle is lost, he commits suicide with a purple lightsaber. We were supposed to learn during the film that Hux collects lightsabers and that he tries unsuccessfully to use the Force.)

After the battle, Chewbacca repairs R2-D2. Leia inserts a memory block into the droid, and it comes back to life. R2 then projects many memories saved in its memory. We see many moments of the saga.

The final sequence takes place on the planet Modesta, in a setting resembling a ranch. Finn is here. Rey Solana arrives to train a new generation of Jedi. END.

The latest version of Trevorrow and Collony

The title is still “Duel of the Fates”. Overall, the structure of the story remains pretty much the same. The revelation about Rey’s parents is the same. Here are the main changes compared to the first version.

– Coruscant has been replaced by a new planet called “Remnicore”. It is the capital of the First Order.

– Tor Valum has been removed from history. Instead, a powerful new villain in the dark side is introduced. Her name is Sollony Ren. She looks a bit like Darth Maul. She is present on Remnicore alongside Hux.

– Mustafar has been replaced by Moraband, an ancient Sith planet seen in The Clone Wars. Kylo also finds a Sith holocron there, but there is no message from Palpatine. Seriously injured by the holocron, he was treated by inhabitants of Moraband called “wommels”.

– The base of the Resistance is attacked by the First Order when the heroes return to it after having stolen the Star Destroyer. They escape with Leia. She dies after asking Rey to end Kylo’s suffering.

– Fleeing into the Millennium Falcon, the heroes are chased by the Knights of Ren. The Falcon goes into hyperspace. He leaves and crashes in an icy ocean on the planet Wavett.

– When Kylo returns to the capital Remnicore, Sollony tells him that Rey must die so that he can sink completely into the dark side. Kylo is building a new, more “wild” mask.

– The heroes realize that the First Order knows where all the bases of the Resistance are located. They cannot warn their comrades, the communications being cut off. But Rey learns in the Jedi texts of the existence of the Arrow of Isis, an ancient communication tool that only a Jedi can use.

– There is already a group of rebels on Remnicore, ready to help the Resistance during the final battle. Finn directs them.

– The final confrontation between Rey and Kylo does not take place on Mortis but on Isis. Kylo wants to prevent Rey from using the Arrow.

– Sollony manages to use the Holocron Sith that Kylo found, without being injured.

– The capital of the First Order is in fact a vessel. The resistants manage to destroy it by hacking it and making it sink towards the sun, after they have left it.

– Rey wins the fight against Kylo but saves his life and forgives him for having killed his parents. Sollony arrives and grabs Kylo’s lightsaber. She beats Rey but Kylo prevents her from killing her. Rey and Kylo fight Sollony together. Rey separates his double lightsaber and gives half of it to Kylo. Kylo suffers a fatal blow while protecting Rey. Rey kills Sollony. As in the first version, Ben reveals his last name to Rey before he dies.

– Rey enters the Jedi Arrow and sends a message calling the galaxy for help by introducing himself as Rey Solana.

– After the battle, Rey returns to Wavett to retrieve the Falcon from the frozen ocean.


It remains to be seen whether these scripts will eventually leak entirely on the web. We will surely have a first official overview of the history of Trevorrow and Connolly in the book All the Art of Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker, which will be released in March.



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