The Voice 2020: Pascal Obispo blocked, Lara Fabian in tears …


Saturday January 18, 2020 marked the start of the new season of The Voice on TF1. Viewers were finally able to see at work the new coaches of the show, namely Marc Lavoine, Lara Fabian, Amel Bent and Pascal Obispo. For this first premium devoted to blind auditions, they took their places on the famous red armchairs and did everything to attract the best voices to join their teams.

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January 18, 2020 summary.


Joséphine opens the ball this Saturday. Nicknamed Baby J, this 18-year-old young woman literally fell into music when she was little. With her family from Nice, she lives for music and trains with her group. “It’s always been a passion, for me, singing, and I have a family of musicians, we make music as a family“, she said. But tonight, for the first time, it is only that Josephine will have to prove herself.

Successful bet ! Facing the coaches, Joséphine offers an impeccable performance with incredible technique. She seduces Pascal Obispo who turns around from the first notes. The singer is quickly joined by Lara Fabian, also charmed. Besides, the two coaches even come to bicker to attract the favors of the pretty brunette.

Josephine joins the team of Pascal Obispo.


Antoine, a 22-year-old Belgian, is a young man who doesn’t do things by halves. After studying primary school, Antoine flew to Bolivia to join a new school. An important stage in his life since it was from this moment that he assumed his true colorful personality and that he devoted himself to music. Through his songs, Antoine fully expresses his art and his sensitivity. Now that he has found his way, he hopes to be the one to win The Voice.

Accompanied by his piano, Antoine is quite simply exceptional on stage. With his angelic voice, he mixes rap and sweetness for a captivating performance. In addition to giving the public chills, he gives some to Pascal Obispo who turns around after a note only. But the singer is quickly followed by Amel Bent and Lara Fabian. Marc Lavoine is the last to turn around. Solid cardboard for Antoine who made a vibrant effect. “Of the order of the divine“Even qualifies her performance Lara Fabian. It is therefore not surprising that the coaches fought to attract her favors.

Antoine joins the team of Marc Lavoine.


Toni, 23, straight from the Yvelines, was quietly studying English as a teacher when music came into her life and took a more prominent place. Determined, she first distinguished herself as a chorister. But today, it is alone that she wants to ignite the scene.

His crazy energy quickly made everyone agree. With her powerful voice, Toni succeeds in surrounding the audience around her like a pro. Amel Bent is the first to turn around, completely captivated by her performance. At the last minute, Marc Lavoine and Lara Fabian join her. Toni’s show nevertheless created the debate since Pascal Obispo did not turn around, believing that she was perhaps doing too much. Which annoyed Amel Bent, who defended tooth and nail her new protégé.

Toni joins the team of Amel Bent.


A couple then comes to Nikos Aliagas. But although they have shared their lives for more than a year, it is separately that they will present themselves on stage for the first time. Usually they play together in the same group. When asked, they do not fail to praise each other. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to seduce coaches.

sat is the first to pass. He comes from the South of France and decided to interpret the title With a Little Help From My Friend of the Beatles. With his guitar, the rocker captivates automatically Amel Bent. Teases, the singer takes the opportunity to block Pascal Obispo, presenting his interest for the young man. A good tactic since the rock universe of Sam had everything to suit Pascal Obispo. At the end of the song, the latter then notes with disappointment that he will not be able to try to recruit Sam into his team. Amel Bent is jubilant. But more seriously, Sam still has the choice between three coaches.

sat joins the team of Lara Fabian.

The turn of his dear and tender Alexia to try your luck. The pretty 22-year-old brunette performs Somewhere Over the Rainbow, accompanied by his father at the piano. The emotion is there. His soft voice and his accuracy will be unanimous. When making her decision, Alexia invites her darling Sam to join her on stage.

Alexia joins the team of Amel Bent.


The turn of Michaël, 27, to enter the track. This tall young man in pop rock style enchanted the public with his cover of David Bowie, his hero as he indicates. On stage, he offered a minimalist, but very effective stage play. Marc Lavoine and Pascal Obispo are completely carried away by the music and get up to dance. The competition will be played between them.

Michaël joins the team of Marc Lavoine.


Maria is an Irishwoman who lives in Lorraine with her husband and their seven children. His particuliarity ? She has been blind since the age of 9. A condition that occurred suddenly. Which doesn’t stop him from following his dreams. On the contrary, music has given her the opportunity to see as she says so poetically. She even finished sixth in the Eurovision competition in 1985. Tonight, her children accompanied her on stage for a unique and emotional moment.

Faced with its history, the four coaches are touched in the heart. More particularly Lara Fabian who bursts into tears. “You are an inspiration, Madame, thank you very much.“And for good reason, this talent has rekindled certain memories of Lara Fabian in connection with her recently deceased mother. An overwhelming moment.

Maria joins the team of Lara Fabian.


Romain is the last talent to present himself to the coaches. At 23, he discovered a late passion for singing and music. The fact that his divorced parents gathered around him to see him at work only confirmed his desire to follow this direction. “Thanks to something I didn’t believe, my son managed to put the family back together“, even admits his father, tears in his eyes. It is therefore surrounded by his entire family that Romain is ready to give everything on stage.

Determined, Romain does not intend to let go. It is with great energy that he performs the tube by Stephan Eicher. However, the coaches do not turn around, for lack of a rhythm that it is hard to find. Fortunately, at the very last second of her performance, Lara Fabian decides to give her a chance and thus opens the doors to her. The Voice. Completely hallucinated, Romain can hardly believe it under the eyes of his very moved family.

Roman joins the team of Lara Fabian.

Team summary

Pascal Obispo : Joséphine alias Baby J

Marc Lavoine : Michaël and Antoine

Amel Bent : Alexia and Toni

Lara Fabian : Sam, Maria and Romain


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