Tired of her whining husband! Todorenko ceased to hide the affair with the director general of “Friday”


“And how to understand this?” – Topalov was taken aback by Regina’s bold attack.

Rumors that after the birth of a child in the marriage of Topalov and Todorenko problems began, go a long time. Each of the spouses spoke about this in their social networks. Then Vlad complains of endless “friction” with his wife. That Regina will accuse her husband of excessive emotionality. After the New Year’s holiday in Bali, which the host spent separately from her husband, the relationship in the pair seems to have completely disappeared. While Regina published life-affirming photos against the backdrop of overseas landscapes, Topalov “scribbled” mournful texts on Instagram, complaining of terrible health.

Where did Todorenko’s sharp indifference come from – it became clear after her online revelations. Regina, apparently, was tired of her novice husband, and therefore ceased to hide the affair with an older and (not least important) influential man – the general director of the Friday channel Nikolai Kartoziy.

They have been whispering about the informal relations of colleagues since the time of TEFI, when Regina took the first figurine as the best host of the morning show. The network suggested that they gave the Todorenko award undeservedly, but, so to speak, “because of connections.” After the host’s last publication, this conjecture makes sense.

Suddenly, Todorenko shocked even Topalov. “And how to understand this?” Wrote the dismayed husband, apparently trying, for the sake of his son, to translate his wife’s statements as a joke. Regina refused to support the game of her suffering husband and left Vlad’s comment unattended.

Katerina Zabelina

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