Touche Pas à Mon Poste: A columnist victim of grossophobia, she pushes a big rant live


TV is a ruthless world, and it’s an iconic C8 columnist who recently paid the price. While Cyril Hanouna, who spoke of his possible departure from C8 after TPMP wondered this week about working conditions on television, Valérie Bénaïm surprised everyone by revealing that she herself was the victim of grossophobia during his career. While working at TF1, the columnist revealed that she had indeed been dismissed after ten years of collaboration because of … her weight. Determined to push a big rant, the latter indeed explained: “I was the first pregnant woman on television. (…) And in this case, I had gained weight.”

Big revelation for Valérie
Big revelation for Valérie

A weight gain which will finally have pushed TF1 to put the young hostess at the door after her return from maternity leave: “I came back two months later to work. (…) I had lunch with a boss whose name I will not mention. Which boss, in fact, made lunch, not to know if I was happy, if everything was fine, but to check that I had found my figure well “. Shocking revelations that did not fail to react around the table. It must be said that Thursday, this debate on working conditions on television was heated, since a columnist for Touche pas à mon Poste took the decision to resign after a big clash with Matthieu Delormeau …



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