Widower of Edith González talks about his trip to the Middle East


Edith González’s departure is still very painful for her fans, who will always remember her for her roles in film and television. And if for them it is difficult, for Lorenzo Lazo his absence is even more painful, although he learns to cope with it at his own pace. Part of it is the trip he recently made to the Middle East, where besides knowing very interesting places, he distracted his mind a bit.

Edith González and her husband Lorenzo Lazo© @ edithgonzalezmx1
Edith González passed away on June 13, 2019 after a battle against cancer

Lorenzo Lazo, like many, publishes in his social networks the best photos of his trips. The most recent to Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, three places that for their culture, their religion and for “their important economic activity,” he told Class during an interview

However, in his heart there was another reason to get as far away from Mexico as possible for a few days, especially at the end of the year. “Personally, for a very close loss that many know, of the death of my wife, because I could not spend Christmas or New Year in Mexico. They are very hard dates,” he said calmly, but nostalgic.

Lorenzo Lazo, widower of Edith González© @ lazomargain
Edith González and Lorenzo Lazo were married for nine years


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