Zina celebrates Valentine’s Day in a satirical comic way … I know what she said


In a comic fashion, the actress Zina mocked the stages of the celebration of Valentine’s Day for girls in Egypt, and the star, Zina, published through her special case on the “Instagram” website, today, Friday, a picture that reflects the stages of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Egypt, where she appeared in the first half of the picture as a girl in the stage The engagement is smiling in a romantic way for her fiancé, and in the other half of the picture, she appeared in the traditional household clothes for mothers in the homes and looks completely different from the first.

Zina makes fun of sixes on Valentine's Day
Zina makes fun of sixes on Valentine’s Day

The star Zina celebrated her birthday with her friends from outside the artistic community, where she made sure to surprise and celebrate with them on this occasion, by holding a party in one of the places to stay in October, in an atmosphere of joy and joy, especially since those who performed the party are the childhood friends of the star Zina and have a strong relationship with them .

Zeina was recently honored at the conclusion of the Casa Art Festival, which was held in Casablanca, “Casablanca” in Morocco, as the best Arab actress in the cinema for her role in the movie “The Money”, where the ceremony also witnessed the honor of Mohamed Hamaki as the best Arab singer, and Asad Younes as the best presenter of programs An Arab woman received the honor instead of Hazem Shafiq, the artistic producer of her “Her Excellency” program and head of Al-Hayat TV channel, and the Lebanese actress Magi Boughdhan was honored as the best Arab actress in the drama.

Zaina is currently presenting the movie “Al-Foulous”, which was launched in the Egyptian and Arab cinemas on December 25th and achieves good successes at the box office level, and the work is the story of Tamer Hosni, and the scenario and dialogue of Mohamed Abdel-Moati, directed by Saeed Al-Marouk. From Muhammad Salam, Aisha bin Ahmed, in addition to a number of stars as guests of honor, such as Ahmed Al-Saqqa and Mai Izz Al-Din.

“Filos” revolves around Saif, a professional swindler, who is used by the beautiful and wealthy girl Hala-Zeina, to help her get her money back from another swindler, to begin an endless series of tricks and games in which the concepts of love, friendship and life are mixed.



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