Epic Games is a big deal! ? The finale may be the Tomb Raiders trilogy | XFastest News

Epic Games’ recent daily delivery of games for 15 consecutive days is coming to an end. Currently, the delivery of “Moving Out” will end at 23:59 on December 29.

According to players’ reports, the gift of “Salt and Sanctuary” tomorrow (30) will be given away. On the last day of the finale in 2021, it will be a live broadcast. It is actually possible to give away “Salt and Sanctuary”. The Definitive Survivor Trilogy! This version contains three works including “Tomb Raider 9”, “Tomb Raider-Rise” and “Tomb Raider-Shadow” and all DLC, although Epic currently only has “Rise of the Tomb Raider: Celebration 20” The “Anniversary” version of the Tomb Raiders, but the current ones are basically games that are not available on the platform.

If this wave is really like what netizens have revealed, then this time I really have to take a wave to lead it. The three works of Tomb Raiders are worth the money. If Epic Game is sent to DLC, I will really love it. In addition, “Tomb Raider: Shadow” also supports NVIDIA’s light chase and DLSS, which is definitely the best game to accompany you through the fake.


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