Epic Games is celebrating the 1st holiday and giving away Bloons TD 6, a cute tower defense game.

Friday, December 16, 2022, 6:54:55 am Indochina time

After during the past Epic Games Came out to announce free game giveaways of the week, which include Saint Row 4 RE-ELECTED a Wildcat Machine Gun Let’s go get it for free and it’s another good game that is very collectable.

and the last way Epic Games it came out as a surprise to celebrate the end of year festival Cause so the team announced a distribution of games for everyone to pick up for free over a number 15 On the first day, the lottery went to an indie game like TD 6 FLOWERS

for a game Bloons TD 6 it will be a game genre Tower Defense or defend the base By placing various objects, including placing monkey soldiers to prevent the enemy from escaping to the destination And the further you play, the more new weapons will be added to improve your defenses . Including unlocking additional play styles to be more varied, such as defending against enemies in two ways Or a new enemy that will cause various problems.

for the game Bloons TD 6 It will be open free for admission. December 16 at 5:00 pm is for anyone looking for a light indie game to play or looking for a game Tower Defense Good game, you can get the game through Epic Games Store And finally, we have to wait and see after the time is up. Will there be any surprise games coming out? Epic Games we must wait and follow each other