Epic Games is celebrating the 7th Holiday with a giveaway of LEGO Builder’s Journey, a LEGO version of the puzzle game.

Thursday, December 22, 2022 at 4:47 PM 07 PM, Indochina time.

after a way Epic Games Came out to announce the event to give away more games together. 15 One is ready to release a famous game from the road. Bethesda in Wolfenstein: The New Order Let’s go get it for free when December 21 In the past, you can read more details in this article.

In the previous period, we had the opportunity to present interesting information which Reddit Come out and solve puzzles for free games regularly. Day 7 Which many gamers have predicted that it will be a famous game like LEGO Of course (this article), but I don’t know what game it is until when 5 throw a way Epic Games Came out to reveal that they will be giving games away. LEGO Builder Tour Let’s go get it for free.

for the game LEGO Builder Tour it will be a game line Puzzle To pass the checkpoint of the year 2021 The game was presented in form LEGO In which players have to find ways to solve problems in different ways to use them LEGO to add space for the characters to travel through at that time or to use LEGO Create things out to meet the conditions. and with this enjoyment As a result, the game receives attention until it is rated on review sites such as Metacritic up to 79 score

This greeting game LEGO Builder Tour It’s another interesting game. and should meet the pick up and play needs of those who like genre games Puzzle for good brain control And finally, for some people, it may be too late to see this article. but still feel interest in the game, can buy the game LEGO Builder Tour either way Steam a Epic Games Store together