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The Epic Games Store, which recently distributed “Rogue Legacy” and “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter” for free, will distribute the masterpiece strategy “XCOM 2” and Byte Rockers’ Games’ rogue light mountaineering game “Insurmountable” for a limited time. It was started.

Free distribution of “XCOM 2” and “Insurmountable” is until April 22nd, so if you are interested, why not get it early?


“XCOM 2” is a sequel to the award-winning strategy game “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” released in 2012.

The earth is not the old earth. It has been 20 years since the leaders of the world surrendered unconditionally to aliens. XCOM, the last line of defense for humankind, fell into a state of destruction, and the surviving members were scattered all over the place. Now, in the world of XCOM 2, aliens rule the earth and build a city full of light that promises a brilliant future for humanity, while behind it, those who push for evil plots and turn to a new world order. I’m trying to kill all of them.

Only people living in remote areas are barely free. And from that, the forces to fight for humanity are rising again. Find a way to burn the flames of the resistance movement around the world and extinguish the threat of aliens from the planet. That is the mission of the remnants of XCOM, who have been chased and forced to fight in overwhelmingly unfavorable situations.

  • XCOM fights back: Take command of Avenger, the mobile headquarters of XCOM, a modified alien supply ship. Whether it’s sending attackers, gaining public support, or dealing with enemy XCOM eradication operations, the new open-ended gameplay is all up to the player’s discretion.
  • Hire a resistance warrior: Soldiers are divided into 5 classes, each with a different skill tree. Create a soldier that fits your tactical plan.
  • Tactical guerrilla warfare: The new game system gives you more flexibility in combat. Take advantage of the hiding state and ambush enemy patrol units. Defeating enemies can also give you valuable equipment and artifacts. It is also important to rescue the VIP and bring the fallen comrades to the withdrawal point.
  • New enemy: Different tactics are required in the battle against various enemies, from Advent whose mission is to maintain control of aliens to powerful new aliens.
  • Research, development, upgrade: Clean up the interior of Avenger and build new facilities to improve XCOM’s combat capabilities. Researchers and technicians are essential to researching, developing, and upgrading weapons and armor that suits your tactics.
  • Diverse missions with no two identical: From remote wilderness to alien-dominated megacities to the depths of their facilities, missions take place everywhere in the world. The combination of maps, missions and operational goals is endless.


“Insurmountable” is a roguelike adventure game where you get over the towering mountains and end there once you die. The environment changes every time, so no two climbs are the same. Always be careful not to let the vital values ​​fall into the danger zone so that the climber does not die.

This task is made very difficult by the dynamic weather system. It’s a world where no one knows what will happen because day and night alternate and various phenomena occur randomly. Each decision is a fork in fate. Even a single mistake can be fatal.

Characters and skills

Choose one of the three characters with different skills and backgrounds, and set out for the first mountain. Explore crates, caves, and ancient ruins to find explorer equipment that has followed the same path in the past. Additional equipment is always useful, as even the first mountain requires all skills.

But don’t be afraid. The more experience you have, the stronger you will be. Leverage a sophisticated skill system to determine the power your climber needs.

Make difficult decisions

As you progress through the mysterious stories of each of the three, you will encounter dangerous animals and overcome the depths of death. You will meet the wicked and the good, but they are not necessarily humans. And here too, the future development depends on the player’s decision.

Overcome the towering mountains

You have to conquer three mountains. A mountain that is even higher and more dangerous. Insurmountable has to deal with unknown crises and overcome unpredictable events one after another. As in life, you can’t know the consequences of your decisions, so you have no choice but to move forward and often end up with different results than you might have imagined.

Take on the ever-changing dangers and face the threats of snowstorms and nature. Always look to the top of the mountain and overcome the insurmountable wall-Insurmountable.


  • No two mountains are the same
  • Mountains of procedural generation
  • A dynamic world affected by various weather conditions
  • Hundreds of phenomena with ever-changing results
  • Strategic gameplay in route discovery, status management and equipment management
  • Three characters with different abilities

In addition, the next free title will be announced, and the latest popular horror series “Amnesia: Rebirth” and the casual voxel action “Riverbond” will be distributed from April 22nd to April 29th.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Hold your breath. The creature is right there. His only purpose is to arouse fear. You crouch in the darkness, curb the horrors that spring up, and try to calm something in you.

“I know you. What can you do?”

In Amnesia: Rebirth, the player becomes Tasi Trianon, who awakens deep in the Algerian desert. Days have passed. Where have you been? What were you doing? Where are the other people? Follow your path and collect the shattered pieces of the past. That’s the only chance to survive the ruthless horror that threatens to ruin the player.

“Don’t get angry. Don’t be afraid.”

A game against time. From Tasi’s point of view, let’s guide her through her own fear and pain. Players are forced to tackle their own hopes, fears, and bitter regrets as they work hard through the desolate areas. And you have to go step by step, knowing that if you fail, you will lose everything.


Riverbond is divided into eight lands, and guardian spirits called Eldora have guided their people. The Eldoras are captured by the Black Knight, and turmoil, calamity, and disorder are spreading all over the world! You will go on a turbulent adventure to avenge evil alone (or with your friends) and save your beloved inhabitants. Various weapons and costumes are hidden in the beautiful and carefully crafted world. A wide variety of weapons and “skins” that change their appearance are waiting for you. Make good use of power-ups and pave the way for victory!

Alone or with everyone

Do you want to do it in single play, or do it in cooperative play? It’s up to you how to play, and you can enjoy an epic adventure either way. Co-op play can be entered and exited from the middle, and everyone can easily aim for victory.

Exciting voxel battle that can break anything

The exhilaration of instantly switching weapons according to the situation and crushing everything that is in the way. Knock down the towering tower with a sword and shoot guns at the enemies that are rushing in. Even the walls and the ground become colorful voxels and shatter!

Cute inhabitants and evil bosses

During the journey, you will meet unique characters and unexpected allies, face cute faces, and fight against evil bosses. There are more than 50 types of weapons to choose from. Let’s decide a splendid victory according to your play style and BGM!


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