Epic Games Store is now opening “Dead by Daylight” for a limited time to receive “Dead by Daylight” for free

The Epic Games Store under Epic Games will open “Dead by Daylight” for free for a limited time from today, and it is predicted that “Godfall” Challenger Edition (CHALLENGER EDITION) will be available for free for a limited time from December 10th.

“Dead Line at Dawn” is an asymmetrical horror game. In the game, one player acts as the killer and the other four players act as the survivors. To avoid being caught, tortured or killed by the killer, the survivors are conducted from a third-person perspective. The game has a good understanding of the surrounding situation. The killer uses a first-person perspective and focuses his attention on the prey. “Dawn Deadline” and another “while True: learn()” will be available for free for a limited time from today to the early morning of December 10th. Players can save them forever after receiving them.

As for the official announcement, the challenger version of “Fall of the Gods” and “Prison Architect” will be available for free from December 10th. The former allows players to immediately unlock the highest level of armor and possess a large number of lethal weapons. , And can challenge three end-game modes to defeat the enemy; “Prison Architect” allows players to customize their prisons and design a prison with a unique personal style to hold prisoners.



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