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‘Epidemic of the COVID Era’ has life insurance & health insurance for more peace of mind

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1 May 2021 | By Life Insurance Association | Casual corner, life insurance style


In the situation of the epidemic crisis, “COVID-19” has life and health insurance. It is a level of peace of mind that there will be coverage for medical expenses. If you have to be infected and need to stay for treatment

From the situation of the virus outbreak COVID-19 A new wave has created panic and hardships for all of us. Especially with the number of infected people continuously skyrocketing to over 2,000. And someone is infected More patients die from this disease. Make it clear that COVID-19 This British breed is easy to get attached. Faster and more intense Affecting healthcare workers As well, the hospital does not have enough beds to accommodate patients, so it is necessary to set up aField hospital and Hospitel Affiliated with the hospital up

However, in this difficulty, the patients withHealth insuranceWill have a certain level of peace of mind that Health insurance covers medical expenses from COVID-19. Although hospital stays or hospital affiliated Hospitel are required.

It can be seen that COVID-19 Has had a huge impact on the health and economy of the country, therefore, medical professionals And the country’s leaders have insisted that the only way to improve the situation is to take care of yourself. Do not go to risky and crowded places and get vaccinated against COVID-19.

But many people still have questions about the safety and necessity of such vaccination, which Prof. Yongphu Worawan, head of the Center of Specialization in Clinical Virology. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Gain knowledge of the novel coronavirus vaccine as follows:

There are two brands of vaccines that come to Thailand: Sinovac vaccine, a vaccine from AstraZeneca. (AstraZeneca) with no difference in efficiency. Prevent violence Prevent death from disease, so if there is a vaccine, it will relax more. The part that many people say should be injected or not. The doctor insists that you don’t have to waste your time thinking. Because in addition to protecting ourselves Also protect those around us

When we protect ourselves, protect them when injecting a lot, it will reduce the disease. And can not have this disease Therefore inviting to vaccinate It is a vaccination for the nation. To bring back our lives The economy will be revived for Sinovac as a relatively effective vaccine. Prevent the severity of the disease At least the condition known as grade 3 is sick and must be under the supervision of a doctor. Even as an outpatient, 78% preventable, but if preventing illnesses requiring hospitalization, it can be 100% prevented, but if slightly ill from grade 2 is infected, but without medical care, it will be reduced to about 50%. Therefore considered effective in preventing disease as well

The question that Because of what you need to be injected at the age of 18-59 years, you must say that because this vaccine is new And the Phase 1, 2 and 3 studies studied in humans, about 3% less than 4% of people aged 60 and over, so if given to people over 60 years of age, what are the preventive effects? What are the complications? But not even a taboo But wait for the study a little, about 1-2 months may have more information. And gradually come to adjust again It is one of the reasons that the Prime Minister over the age of 60 has to wait to comply with the rules first.

As for the dreadful complications or not Having said that, out of the 220 million doses of vaccination, no one died from the vaccine. Millions of injections Has anyone died after vaccination? It must be said, but it is not directly related to the vaccine, as in the United States, 13 million people were injected in 1 month with sudden severe allergic reactions. Of the 13 million people, 113 people died, but a thorough investigation of the causes including dissection, etc., found that they were not related to the vaccine. But died in an accident From the old congenital disease

As for the slightest allergic reaction Both the injection site pain A slight fever Is normal As for whether it is necessary to have an immune test before and after the injection, I must say that this is not necessary. People do not have to struggle to check the landscape. Because the level of research will have been done for the age of 90 years. Can it be injected? No condition, because Astra’s vaccine can be inoculated, but Sinovac vaccine has no information over 60 years. Please wait for the information first.

As for those who have been vaccinated Can still come back and get infected But most symptoms will be less Reduce the violence in the hospital and die even if the symptoms are reduced. Just a common cold left. And if it is COVID, do I need to be vaccinated? Immunity is built up. But not forever Studies on COVID after 3 months on immunization of 300 people found that 90% of them have immunity and will gradually decline after 6 months. And want to get vaccinated against COVID Asked to get vaccinated after being vaccinated after 6 months or more. In case of complete vaccination Is it necessary to repeat the injection? Had to wait for a while to study that If the landscape falls, it may need to be stimulated again. But let’s wait for information first

This outbreak of the disease. It is a pandemic in 100 years since the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, which took two years to calm, however, this pandemic was probably the Spanish flu. Without doing anything, about 1% of the population could die and it would take 2 years to reach peace. Of course we cannot accept it. Therefore, many measures must be taken until the outbreak can be suppressed. Minimal loss And what will stop it is inevitable. Because it will make everyone have a landscape And when there is a vaccination, I think it takes about a year to have an immunization. “

Therefore, if you have health insurance and wish to get vaccinated but are afraid of side effects From the COVID-19 vaccine You can check the rights and terms of the policy whether there is coverage in this section or not. By calling directly to the insurance company Because each policy has a condition And the exceptions to different coverage

Thank you for information from: Dr. Yongpoo Worawan, Head of the Center of Specialization in Clinical Virology Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University


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