Epson launches new high-intensity projector EB-L30000U

Epson Korea (hereinafter referred to as Epson) is releasing EB-L30000U, the lightest and smallest high-intensity projector among 3LCD projectors of 30,000lm or higher in the world.

The new product boasts a light weight of 62.8kg excluding the lens and handle. Compared to the point that a general 30,000lm high-intensity projector weighs more than 70kg, it has proved its compactness with relatively light weight and size (93.6 × 37.85 × 86cm).

EB-L30000U provides various visual effects including projection mapping with high color brightness of 30,000lm and white brightness to match the reputation of high-intensity projectors. WUXGA resolution and Super Resolution technology enable high-resolution image projection, making it suitable for use in large-scale concert halls and exhibition halls.

Ultra short throw lenses with a zero offset function are also supported to enable installation in narrow spaces. When using the ultra-short throw lens ELPLX03, it is possible to project up to 750 inches from a distance of about 5.8m, so a large screen can be realized even at a short throw distance.

The Zero Offset function is characterized in that it can be installed without restrictions even in narrow spaces with a wide throw ratio. Based on 3S Save Quantity, Save Space, and Save Operation, the number of lens installations is reduced by 57% compared to other companies, and space efficiency can be expected by reducing the space required for storing lenses.

Durability is also an important factor due to the nature of the space where the projector is used for a long time. The EB-L30000U seals the main optical engine to prevent the inflow of dust, which is considered the cause of damage to the parts, and adds seismic resistance by using a long-life electrostatic dust filter that reduces the inflow of dust. In addition, it can be used up to 20,000 hours by adopting a laser light source that does not require separate maintenance. This is environmentally friendly by reducing waste generation.

In addition, it supports Epson Projector Professional Tool, which can operate and control multiple projectors at once. This software enhances usability by supporting both Windows and MacOS as well as intuitive UI and interface.


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