Epstein made a testament panorama two days before suicide

  • Millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual abuse of minors, signed a will only two days before his death.
  • In the last will, the transfer of his assets to a foundation.
  • Epstein committed suicide in a New York prison, his death triggered a judicial scandal.

Two months before his death, multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein wrote his last will two days before he committed suicide. As the New York Post reported that the defendant, charged with multiple sexual abuse, transferred his entire fortune to a foundation set up on the same day called "The 1953 Trust." The law firm entrusted with the execution of the will confirmed the report. According to the papers went in the past week in the Virgin Islands.

The document, signed on 8 August, mentions more than 577 million dollars (520 million euros) of assets. According to a lawyer, transferring to a foundation is a relatively normal procedure. Unusual is the time. Epstein might have realized two days before he committed suicide that he would commit it.

The goals of the foundation are not mentioned in the will. Anyone who inherits Epstein's art collection is unclear. Even if there is an older last will that the New Testament could override is not known.

At the time of his suicide, Epstein was in a New York jail awaiting trial for sexual abuse of minors. The death of the 66-year-old also triggered a judicial scandal. The two guards, who were to oversee the prisoner in his prison cell on his death night, said they slept at work. Instead of looking every 30 minutes for the detainee as prescribed, the two had fallen asleep and had not checked his condition for about three hours, she said New York Times citing investigative and prison officials.

Editor's note: We deliberately keep our coverage of suicides cautious and refrain from details where possible. If you feel yourself affected by suicidal thoughts, please contact immediately the Telefonseelsorge (http://www.telefonseelsorge.de). The free hotline 0800-1110111 or 0800-1110222 provides help from consultants who have often been able to find ways out of difficult situations.

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