ERC brews 3 ways to raise electricity bills for the new installment, which is higher than 4.72 baht / unit, users can offer lower prices.

Komkrit Tantravanich Mr The Secretary General of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) revealed that the ERC is open to hearing opinions on the calculation of electricity bills in accordance with the formula for the automatic adjustment of electricity tariffs (FT) in order to consider adjusting the electricity bill charged by People . for the month This month of May-August in 3 ways: 1. Electricity charged to the public. It increased (excluding VAT or VAT) to 6.72 baht/unit from the current 4.72 baht/unit on the condition of repaying the remaining costs to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in 1 installment. 293.60 satang (Satang)/unit will be charged to compensate the actual cost or monthly cost accumulated from September 21-December 22 of EGAT, a total of 150,268 million baht

2. The electricity charged to the public (excluding VAT) increased to 4.84 baht/unit from 4.72 baht/unit on condition of repayment of the due and actual costs to EGAT in 5 months. January-April This is 136,686 million baht, some of which is 27,337 million baht per installment or 41.88 satang/unit per installment, representing a FT of 105.25 satang/unit EGAT must manage the cost burden. 109,349 million baht and will receive full repayment within December 2024.

3. The electricity charged to the public (excluding VAT) increased to 4.77 baht/unit from 4.72 baht/unit on the condition of repayment of the remaining costs in 6 installments to cover the actual costs. It is expected that there will be a balance between January and April ’23 in the amount of 136,686 million baht, some of which is 22,781 million baht per installment or 34.90 satang / unit per installment, which represents the FT value of 98.27 satang / unit, which is EGAT receives full reimbursement within 2 years or within April 2025, with EGAT having to manage the actual costs on behalf of the people, 113,905 million baht.

For the case that many parties indicated that all 3 approaches do not have a way to maintain the electricity cost at 4.72 baht / unit, according to the policy given by Mr. Supattanapong Phanmeechaow, the Minister of Energy. This is an open hearing. Procedure comments But the public can express their opinion, suggesting a lower electricity tariff than the 3 alternatives above.

“We will listen to opinions on the FT fee for May-August on the ERC website on March 10-20 before summarizing various recommendations. Proposed to the ERC Board of Directors (Board) for consideration on March 22, confirming that the consideration of the new FT fee is an estimate of the expenses that will occur. Based on average actual data in January, when world energy prices are in decline. The amount of natural gas in the Gulf of Thailand is gradually increasing into the system. and the baht appreciation. “

Mr Komkrit said it was an opportunity for the ERC to listen to opinions on the gradual return of the remaining cost burden to EGAT while maintaining the appropriate rate of electricity tariffs to provide better financial liquidity to EGAT. Ready to support the global energy situation and fluctuating exchange rates.

sideMr Kriangkrai Thiennukul The chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) said that the electricity cost that opened the ERC for public hearings came out with 3 rates, the lowest being 4.77 baht / unit, which is still considered too high. Although there is a tendency to decrease to 4.72 baht/unit according to the original electricity price of the household group But it is still better than not adjusting. Previously, the industrial sector, the service sector, and the agricultural sector had to pay 5.33 baht/unit Importantly, in the medium and long term, the government should find measures to reduce the price of electricity as low as possible. because compared to competitors especially Vietnam Electricity cost is 2.80 baht / unit which is very worrying. because it affects the decision of new investors in many countries that are considering moving the production base including labor cost factors It affects the decision of investors too. At the same time, if the electricity bill is very low. It will also be good for consumers.

“Vietnam’s electricity costs are very cheap. compared to Thailand Now many investors decide to invest in Vietnam. This is in line with the latest direct investment survey. The International Trade Promotion Organization (Bangkok) or JETRO found that 10% of Japanese investors out of 2,000 companies have the opportunity to move their base out of Thailand. due to high labor and electricity costs Most of them are labor intensive groups such as textiles and clothing”.

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