Eric Houndete announces that he will leave his party The Democrats to join Patrice Talon

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In an Exclusive interview broadcast on Bi News, the first digital audience in Benin, Eric Houndete, leader of the opposition and prominent member of the Les Démocrates party, announced his intention to leave his party to join the camp of President Patrice Talon.

On the show, Houndete said, “I am convinced that President Patrice Talon is the best person to lead our country. I believe he has done a great job since his election and it is time for me to put my differences aside and work with him for the good of our nation”.

Democrats were shocked by the announcement and issued a statement saying the party was “deeply disappointed with Eric Houndete’s decision to leave the party”. The party also said it would seek a new opposition leader. President Patrice Talon quickly reacted to this announcement by posting a tweet in which he welcomes Eric Houndete to his camp. “I am delighted to welcome Eric Houndete to our team. We are ready to work together to improve the lives of Beninese”.

The announcement was met with strong reactions on social media, with some hailing Houndete’s courage for her decision, while others called it a betrayal. Houndete’s departure is a blow to Democrats, who are already struggling to cope with the growing popularity of Patrice Talon and his party, the Bloc Républicain. This news will certainly agitate the Beninese political scene and will have long-term repercussions on the position of the opposition and the political stability of the country.

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