“Erling Haland”, the ultimate killing machine of the new era, Siamrath

At this hour, no one would know “Erling Haaland”, Norway’s top shooting star. The new forward “The Blues” Manchester City after bursting into the hottest form, scoring a total of 12 goals in all items, including 2 hat-tricks in the home game, chasing Nottingham Forest, a new type of fighting team 6-0 and the 4-2 win over Crystal Palace became the fastest player to score two Premier League hat-tricks in just five games, breaking Demba Ba’s record of 21 games, including Newcastle legend Mick Quinn and former Blues striker Sergio Aguero, who scored eight goals.

Recently, Manchester City’s hot form striker “Erling Haaland” is still making a name that does not stop. In winning the August player of the month award from the English Premier League to dominate after doing the job. “Blue Sailing Boat” has been hot for the past month.

This makes him the 10th player in history to win the award straight away in his first month in the top flight following Jurgen Klinsmann (Spurs, September) 1994, David Ginola (Newport, August 1995), Patrick Berger (Liverpool, August 1996) ), Robbie Keane (Cowen Three, August 1999), Diego Costa (Chelsea, August 2014), Andre Ayew (Swansea, August 2015), Antoine. Ney Martial (Man Utd, September 2015), Teemu Pukki (Norwich, Aug .2019), Bruno Fernandes (Man Utd, January 2020

Makes “Pep Guardiola” that the manager of Manchester City cannot resist, having to come out to admire the new love child “Erling Haaland” as a strong player in all aspects. In particular, his speed in the box, his finishing and the way he works are fantastic.

“Erling Haaland” is considered to have a very high goalscoring record since he was with Dortmund’s “Yellow Tigers” and it must be admitted that “Erling Haaland’s” “Strengths”” are a quick nose, putting yourself in the right place in time right, when finishing the score, or even for speed and strength or even a ball in the air is considered therefore complete in the position of the target attacker that should get him Even more playing with those offensive games of the a team like “Kevin de Bruyne”, “Phil Foden” or “Bernado Silva” even more. Can’t imagine that Who can stop the heat of “Erling Haaland”, with Manchester City now considered one of the attacking teams most dangerous in the world has it all?

must admit Haaland’s ferocity has terrified defenders in the Premier League of England and Europe, especially under the belief of manager Pep Guardiola in the future. Haaland will become a “modern killing machine” that any team manager will envy.

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