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This is a change and a new journey for Erolltic, a post-rock rock band with members Title (lead vocals) / Dragon (guitar) / Gap (bass) / Nueng (drummer), this time back under the new agency 8Saen Entertainment (Eight Cent Entertainment) with the latest single “Please listen”, a song composed from real life. I want to represent the voice of the people who suffer from depression Ready to convey a story that wants to pass on love, longing, that wants to beg the sky and the stars to help pass on love to people far away. And ready to make an oath that my whole heart will only have you who has already released a music video


title The lead singer, a representative of the band, saidFor the song “Please listen” is a song that is conveyed from real experiences. At one point I was suffering from depression. who when sick with depression Life is like sinking into a hole that can’t find a way out to find the light. Make the sound go away. I try to look positive Try to live with this disease with understanding and when you can get past it. So we know there is love and care from people who love us. How important is it to listen to us all the time? by this song has given the problem to YesSirrrr Young and talented composers like “Can you really forget?” – Young Kala, “scientist” – D GERRARD until I got all the structure, melody, lyrics, and then came together to help me and the band members come out to be the most perfect. in the music department Everyone helped to come up with ideas. A new sound design that clearly shows the rhythm, melody, tone of Post Rock clearly according to the band’s style and also has one drummer to act as a producer in the song. “This counts as change” and developed as we liked each other a lot Because everyone was involved in this song every step of the way. in the music video section. Watchara Banasan or WATCH THE DOLL The person behind many music videos. Come and sit at the director’s pedestal to powerfully convey the light and color of this song. which at the end of the music video secretly surprises the wow fans with pictures and locations that the director and the band want to present Let the music fans go in and try it out. In this single event, we intend to do our best.”

The 3rd single after being absent from releasing new songs in 2 years by the 4 boys. Eroltic (Erotic) In the song “Please Listen,” the central theme that drives the life of a depressed patient. It can be listened to in APPLE MUSIC / iTUNES / JOOX / TrueID Music / SPOTIFY, including full music videos. And to say hello, follow the band’s news at or


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