ERROR Fat Boy’s new song is touching and innocent 193 Puppy love (00:02) – 20220115 – SHOWBIZ

ERROR captains Fat Boy (Liang Ye) and 193 (Guo Jiajun) celebrated their 32nd birthdays yesterday (January 14th). They released new songs respectively. The former invited actress Bao Qijing to help out in the filming of “Dear Mama”. 193 invited “Malaysian Goddess” Lin Mingzhen to be the heroine in the MV of “Puppy Love Again”. The MVs of the two new songs were released on YouTube last night. Fatboy’s “Dear Mama” was on-demand for more than 36,000 times within 3 hours, while 193’s “Puppy Love Again” was on demand for more than 26,000 times within 2 hours. The two songs are completely different. Different styles have their own supporters.

The introduction of “Dear Mama”: “Fatboy has faced a lot of partings and wants to cherish his family, so he doesn’t have any regrets about himself, but a man, an old dog, and a young man will tell the truth face-to-face with the house and business people, so I rely on the song to express my feelings” in the MV Sister Bao mainly played against the young actors, and Fat Boy moved his true feelings in reminiscence. In the last scene, Sister Bao touched the crying fat boy to comfort him.

“Puppy Love Again” has 193’s student brother Look, chasing girls, riding bicycles, playing basketball, and returning to the fifteenth and twenty o’clock as a teenager. Song introduction: “Puppy love is the most ignorant and purest love in adolescence, but it can’t be repeated after growing up? The protagonist of the MV of “Puppy Love Again” is a dull young man, and he is completely powerless in the face of the little devil goddess, so he has no choice but to I exhausted my perseverance/imagination and hope that one day I can touch her body. Although true love is innocent, Asan is still obstructed by external forces, and in addition to self-control, there is a war between heaven and man. The goddess laughed, Wen Qing finally closed the subject ?193’s second solo Taiwanese song “Puppy love again” has a distinct nostalgic Synth Pop style. It is managed by the independent musician Delta.T with sincerity. With the most 80’s electronic synthesizer and electronic drum sounds, plus 193 The fleshy lyrics I created by myself prove that the true relationship of first love can be repeated many times!” 193’s “wives” left comments and praised, the song is good and the MV is even more funny, Candy (Wang Jiaqing), Yoyo (Ge Chuoyao) and Guo Jiaying (3 sisters) also had a performance, and Huo Ge turned into the FBI and appeared in the cherish scene of destroying 193 and Lin Mingzhen, and also pulled him into the police car, so funny!

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