Escape from Tarkov: Arena Reveals First Full Gameplay Footage at gamescom 2023

New Independent Result “Escape from Tarkov: Arena” Showcased at gamescom 2023

In a thrilling announcement last June, Battlestate Games introduced their new independent project, “Escape from Tarkov: Arena”, an FPS arena following the successful structure of “Escape from Tarkov”. Now, gaming enthusiasts at gamescom 2023 in Cologne are eagerly immersed in this captivating game. Offering an enticing first glimpse, Battlestate Games recently unveiled the inaugural complete gameplay footage of Escape from Tarkov: Arena.

Intense Team Battles and Captivating Environments

Drawing inspiration from the renowned “TeamFight” mode, where two teams of five fiercely compete over seven gripping rounds, Escape from Tarkov: Arena takes players on an adrenaline-fueled journey through diverse battlegrounds. Prepare to traverse the outskirts of Tarkov’s lush forests, navigate the intricacies of the TerraGroup cargo warehouse, and engage in thrilling firefights within the confines of the airport. These immersive settings, coupled with a storyline that seamlessly intertwines with the main narrative, promise engaging gameplay and endless excitement.

Delve into the latest gameplay footage to discover intriguing details and witness heart-pounding shootouts that will leave you craving more.

Release Date and Pre-Order Details

While the highly-anticipated release date for “Escape from Tarkov: Arena” remains elusive, gaming enthusiasts can now seize the opportunity to pre-order the game during gamescom. By participating in pre-orders, players can secure a copy of the Ryzhy Edition, priced at $35, which grants exclusive benefits including early access to the closed beta phase and access to Ryzhy presets. Don’t miss this chance to embark on a gripping gaming adventure like no other.

As an FPS arena that follows the system of “Escape from Tarkov”, the new independent result “Escape from Tarkov: Arena” was announced in June last year, but this work is currently being played in the location gamescom 2023 which is currently taking place. in Cologne Battlestate Games has released the first full gameplay footage of Escape from Tarkov: Arena.

Based on the game in “TeamFight” mode where two teams of 5 people fight for 7 rounds, various maps including the forest on the outskirts of Tarkov, the TerraGroup cargo warehouse, inside the airport, some systems which follows the main story, etc. Check out the latest footage below for interesting details like the shoot.

For now, the release date for “Escape from Tarkov: Arena” is unknown, but pre-orders for this work have been raised in conjunction with gamescom, and the Ryzhy Edition includes benefits such as early access to the closed beta and presets for Ryzhy are available for purchase for $35.

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