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Heart failure is usually understood as an impairment of the heart’s pumping function, blockage of blood circulation, and a lack of sufficient oxygen and nutrients for the body’s organs and tissues, causing symptoms such as asthma, swollen feet and palpitations. However, there is a type of heart failure called “diastolic heart failure” where the pumping function of the heart is completely normal, but is still plagued by symptoms.

As the name suggests, diastolic heart failure is caused by a problem with the heart’s diastolic function, the patient’s heart may not be able to relax due to factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and it is difficult for the blood to return. The blood pumped is reduced, which leads to various symptoms. However, the initial symptoms of most cases are not obvious, such as fatigue and reduced physical strength. Most people think it is related to lack of rest and old age, thus delaying diagnosis and treatment.

However, even if the symptoms are obvious, patients with diastolic heart failure may not be able to receive the correct diagnosis as soon as the abnormality is detected. Only five to ten years ago, the diagnosis of heart failure was mainly based on the evaluation of the blood pumping function, and the diastolic function was not a constant item. However, as mentioned above, the blood pumping function of patients with diastolic heart failure is normal, so it can be wrongly excluded after the examination Heart failure, delayed treatment in hidden form.

Fortunately, as the medical community’s understanding of heart failure deepens, diastolic function has gained attention. Currently, symptomatic patients can have a cardiac ultrasound examination to assess pumping and diastolic function. In the case of diastolic heart failure, drug therapy can be used to alleviate symptoms and reduce the risk of hospitalization and death.

Prescribing the right medicine and getting twice the result with half the effort The same is true for dealing with heart disease Finding the core of the problem and then treating it will be more beneficial to the patient.
Cardiologist Dong Guangda
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