Espa Carina “Originally wearing a 1.6 billion necklace at Cannes was 6 billion” (younger brother)

Espa reveals the story of the Cannes Film Festival.

JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brother’, which airs on the 10th (Saturday), will feature aespa, who caused a spicy taste syndrome by sweeping domestic and global charts with his comeback with the 3rd mini album ‘MY WORLD’ , appears.

On this day, Espa draws attention by unveiling the behind-the-scenes story of attending the Cannes International Film Festival for the first time as a K-pop group. First, Karina, who appeared on the red carpet of Cannes wearing a necklace worth 1.6 billion, which won and collected topics, said, “Actually, the necklace that I originally planned to wear was won 6 billion. However, someone bought the necklace the day before and wore it instead,” surprising everyone.

Next, Ning Ning also said, “I was the first artist in the world to wear the V company dress I wore,” not only realizing its global popularity, but also saying, “The dress was so heavy that the staff had to help me. to move them. He is said to have made everyone dizzy by saying, “I even fell.

Aespa’s behind the scenes story about attending the Cannes Film Festival can be seen on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brother’ at 8:50pm on the 10th (Saturday).

iMBC Kim Kyung-hee | Photo courtesy of JTBC

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