Even the body is too big? From girl groups to actors, where is the best Pilates restaurant?

tanz pilates

latest movie Actor Park So-dam, who returned to the screen with He admitted that he was fighting thyroid cancer and bought the pity of many people. After surgery, Park So-dam started exercising again to rejuvenate her body and regain her physical strength. The place she attends is Tanz Pilates. Another celebrity rumored to be here is Red Velvet’s Yeri and Ahn Youngmi. As you can see from their strong inner muscles, this is definitely a Pilates academy you can trust!

Viva Pilates

Ive a daily vlog Viva Pilates Cheongdam branch is also the place Jang Won-young and An Yu-jin visited. We couldn’t help but admire the two members who performed the moves perfectly despite the difficult pose. In fact, in addition to duo lessons, Viva Pilates offers 1:1 private lessons, so it’s famous for being a favorite spot for celebrities like Taeyeon and Songgang.

Modern Pilates

Blackpink Jennie and Jeon Somi. What do these two have in common? Of course, it is true that he gives a powerful performance on a stage that is unbelievable for his slender body, but they have one thing in common: they went through the touch of modern Pilates. In the past, Jenny mentioned on Instagram that it was ‘a space where the body, mind and ankle are healed’ and tagged the modern director of Pilates, drawing attention. Jeon So-mi, who maintains a beautiful body without any flab, also revealed the perfect Pilates movement.