ETC and Belle Warisara lead Muzik Move artists to invade Osaka.

‘ETC.’ a ‘Belle Warisara’ leading an army of artists Move music Conquer Osaka – Tokyo
At the Thai Festival 2023, the fans shouted at Sugoi.!!

Move music Bringing artists to entertain more than 100,000 Thai and Japanese fans in the city “Osaka” a “Tokyo” in the event Thai Festival 2023 with the artist of Move music in ETC band. (ETC) a Name Ronnadet (Nam Rondej) from the camp Move Records and younger young artists like Warisara bell (Belle Warisara), Cincin Irada (Cincin Irada) and Miteennn (Miss Teen) from the camp Home Run Music in the group Muzik Move, which was also their first time on stage

Pin the city’s first destination”Osaka” in the event Osaka Thai Festival 2023 On 13-14 May last with the most satisfying show of the camp Home Run Music who carries a group of girls to serve cuteness as Warisara bell (Belle Warisara), owner of a popular song with over 46 million views, ‘Bring a pen to the bandthat’s a trend through the house through the city as far as Japan And when it’s time for this song We saw pictures of the fans dancing together energetically and lovingly in style. Irada’s ring (Cincin Irada), a girl with a good voice, who is worth looking for, owner of the song ‘Mae cariad da yn(How to?)’ and newcomer

latest Thank you (Miss Teen) just started with the release of the first single. ‘In the middle of the heart, so far away which perfectly combines cuteness, hip-hop and original Thai, the three girls fill the energy of brilliance with a surprise meeting with music fans Take photos with autographs Make an impression over the activity area near Kyobashi Station in the center of Osaka.

On to the city.Tokyo” Full of non-stop fun at the event Tokyo Thai Festival 2023 On May 20-21, there was a full show with older artists. ETC. x Namm Ronnadet who created the show to serve the fans especially for this event Call loud screams. along with inviting music fans to wave their hands in unison ready to send Warisara bell (Bel Warisara) came to shoot a charm at the heart of a young man, a big boy, no matter where he was in a corner, he had to fall in a row. Music fans sweep in for easy dining at Yoyogi Park, a park next to the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

It can be called this trip to Japan. Move music Serving fun and happiness to the max, allowing fans to receive positive energy. From the artists in the house group Muzik Move overwhelmingly Stay tuned for the fun throughout the year 2023. in and IG @muzikmove