Eternal enemy of console game console ‘PS sv XBOX’ this time, subscription service competition

SIE’s ‘PS Plus’ 3 plan-based service reorganization on the 24th

‘PlayStation 5’ (left) and ‘Xbox Series X’ ⓒCollection

Sony Interactive Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SIE) and Microsoft (hereinafter referred to as Microsoft), the two major mountain ranges of console game devices, start competing for subscription services.

According to SIE on the 20th, the existing ‘PlayStation Plus (hereinafter PS Plus)’ service will be reorganized and converted to a subscription service based on three rate plans from the 24th.

The existing PS Plus supported online play by registered users and provided 2-3 free games every month. For this revamped service, the number of games that can be played for free is determined according to the plan.

SIE’s rate plan is △the lowest level of ‘Essential’ △intermediate level of ‘Special’ △the highest level of ‘Deluxe’.

Essentials offers two free games each month. Special and Deluxe offer access to hundreds of games without additional payment. The deluxe version also makes it possible to play even the games of the PlayStation 3.

SIE has not supported subscription services in the past. It has been concentrating on securing exclusive titles to secure PlayStation users. However, although SIE released the PlayStation 5, the next-generation console device, in 2020, there were many difficulties in securing users as the release of large-scale new games and the lack of exclusive titles over the past two years was delayed due to a setback in the development schedule due to Corona 19.

Accordingly, SIE expects to increase the number of users through this national road service.

Microsoft of Xbox (Xbox), a rival of SIE, has been servicing the ‘Xbox Game Pass’ product since 2017.

The game subscription service allows you to play multiple games at a low price. Until now, the Xbox subscription service was intended to secure users.

However, although a number of games are provided through subscription services, it is predicted that the SIE camp with many exclusive service games will have an advantage.

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