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“ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant” launches PC version with new classes, dungeons and city battle content online “ETERNAL”-Bahamut

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Distributed by the agent of Seven Elements Game, the authentic Japanese MMORPG “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant” developed and produced by Japan’s ASOBIMO has been revised on 10/27 (Wed.). Not only has a new career debut, but also added dungeon and city battle content, and more Launched the PC version of the game.

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The gunman returns to the strongest jihad

The brand new professional “Gunner” will be on the stage at the time of the revision. It will play fine professional positioning. The rapid-fire feature will pay various debuffs to the opponent, or use explosives to hinder the opponent’s actions. The sniper feature can use long-range attacks to lure the enemy to approach. , And then use the pre-set traps to cunningly catch the enemy, the ingenious features call tower artillery weapons, while dealing with multiple enemies while finding the right time, flexible use to guide the battle situation to the advantage, you can freely switch the professional characteristics outside the battle, after switching Skills will change accordingly, and role positioning will also change.

Major adjustments to new dynamic fighter skills for occupational balance

The most powerful survival and protection ability in the dungeon, the most core role in the team: warrior, has always been a symbol of strength and might, in this revision, the warrior skills have been balanced and optimized, including all characteristics loose FP (combat points) ) Reduce time and add new skills to the Iron Wall feature: sharp eyes, specific skills reduce CT time, increase threat… etc. Iron Wall skills have been strengthened in all aspects to make the shield stronger. This adjustment is worthy of everyone’s expectations. !

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Super large-scale siege battle kings decision battle

This update also introduces the game content of the Siege Outpost. The attacker also needs to perform the “Outpost” to obtain the right to sign up for the Siege. Each siege battle consists of 3 attacking corps and 1 defending corps in a large-scale corps battle (GvG) of up to 200 people. The attacking legion aims to capture the “throne” of the royal city, while the defending team needs to repel all attacking enemies. There are many routes and various weapons for attacking and defending the city in the siege field and in the royal city. Some large weapons need to be operated by multiple players before they can be activated. The army can formulate offensive or defensive strategies and manpower scheduling in advance. More strategically, in the course of the war, the attacker will be able to change its camp to neutral or assist the defender, adding to the situation of the battle.

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The revised outpost siege schedule will be from November 5th to 7th for the outpost, and November 13 for the siege, which is more powerful than strategy and number. Who is the one who truly holds the throne and dominates the world? Woolen cloth? Interested players can refer to the game instructions on the official website.

HARD dungeon “Los Rata Labyrinth” is open for a limited time

With this revised content, the official launch of a limited-time event Dungeon-Los. The difficulty of the Rata Labyrinth dungeon, the level must be combined with a very tacit team, after continuous trial and cooperation, can there be a way to successfully knock down the boss to complete the challenge, and quickly enter the dungeon with other warriors to explore the treasure!

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New costumes and limited pets will be added at the start of the Halloween event

The official special Halloween event will be held from October 27th to November 10th for a limited time. After logging in during the period and completing exclusive missions to obtain quest items, you can redeem the designated items at the event exchange. The redeemable items include Halloween fashion treasure chests, dawn series weapons, equipment treasure chests, strengthening stones and more. At the same time, the store also simultaneously sells Halloween pet treasure chests, allowing players to immediately have cute Halloween pets.

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Cross-platform play PC version perfectly presents the game experience

In order to attract more players to join the passionate game of “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant”, the PC version of the game was successfully launched at the same time as the revision, and the game data on the mobile phone can be ported to the PC version for play. Players can play on the computer at home, play on mobile phones outside, and play on both platforms, without losing the game record, and enjoy high-quality game quality.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the above-mentioned revised content, “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant” itself has very exquisite game features, such as the weather system, different weather will affect the map monster ecology, and some rare elite wild BOSS will even correspond. The weather on the map appears. In addition, different from the general game character modeling system, in addition to gender, skin color, face shape, hairstyle, hair color, there are also some unique Japanese styles, such as fairy ears, cat ears, beast eyes, magic eyes, heterochromatic pupils, etc. , It can be said that the game is full of small ideas. If you are interested, you can download this game on dual platforms and PC channels recently, and embark on the journey of Logusia. For more game related information and details, players can visit Check on the official website.


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