Ether is launching a new Zhejiang testnet, paving the way for a Shanghai hard fork soon

Just a few more seconds!! Ethereum Dev Network Launches New Test Network!! Zhejiang to Test ETH Withdrawal at Stake, Developer Confirms!! The Shanghai upgrade went smoothly – so far no problems.

Yesterday in Thailand local time, Etherreum developer Barnabas Busa announced on his Twitter account that a new test network (Testnet) called Zhejiang has been launched.

by such a network It is a step for developers and general users to test whether the staked ETH withdrawal process is working properly or not. This will be a test before the release of new features that will be upgraded soon. Also known as Shanghai (EIP – 4895).

The test is an important part of the upcoming Shanghai upgrade In addition, Ethereum network developer Marius Van Der Wijden launched the Shadow Fork network last month to test the same withdrawal, stating: The continuity test went upgrade easily. and ensure that there will be no problems that will also cause delays

However, Busa further tweeted that Users can now try to deposit ETH to the test network’s validator (Validator), but they will need to wait after February 7th to test withdrawal.

source: cryptonews tweet

Translated by Teerapat Buaree

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