Ethereum Shanghai hard fork to take place on April 12th

Ethereum [사진:셔터스톡]

[디지털투데이 강주현 기자] Ethereum core developers plan to launch the Shanghai hard fork mainnet on April 12, following the recent Goearly testnet launch.

According to BeInCrypto on the 16th (local time), Ethereum developer Tim Beiko announced the implementation date of the Shanghai hard fork via a live stream. The Shanghai hard fork will be executed on April 12 at 7:27 pm (local time).

Since February, Ethereum developers have conducted tests on three testnets: Cepolia, Zejang, and Goerly. As a result of verification in all three testnets, the withdrawal of Ethereum was successful.

On the 15th (local time), the Goearly testnet was difficult, but developer participation was low. Tim Vaiko believes that the launch of the mainnet will go smoothly, unlike Goearly’s testnet. He said that testnet nodes are likely to run with less resources than mainnet nodes.

The Shanghai hard fork is an upgrade that allows linked Ethereum to be withdrawn from the Beacon Chain (a chain that first introduced Ethereum to transition to proof of stake). It’s one of the biggest upgrades since the Ethereum merge upgrade, which moved from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake in September last year.

Beintripto expects more than 16 million ETH to be withdrawn after the Shanghai hard fork, accounting for 14% of the total supply.


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