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EU “Apple Antitrust Violation”… Fined up to $27 billion

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The European Union (EU) judged that Apple abused its market dominance and gave profits to its own music apps and disadvantages to competitors’ apps. As a result, Apple was in danger of being fined up to $27 billion (about 30 trillion won).

On the 30th (local time), according to the US economic media CNBC, Margrete Vestager, a competition member of the EU executive committee, the EU executive committee, said, “Apple violated the EU’s antitrust regulations.” “Apple charged high fees for competing music streaming apps that use the App Store and did not inform consumers how to buy competitors’ apps by bypassing the App Store,” he said. “This eventually led to loss of competitors’ customers.”

The EU decision was made after the Swedish music streaming app Spotify in 2019 reported to the executive committee that Apple charged 15-30% of app sales to companies that launched the app on the App Store, infringing fair competition. It came out after a year and a half of research. Spotify claimed that in order to bear high commissions, it was forced to increase app sales, losing customers, and Apple Music gained the return.

If Apple is convicted in court that it has violated antitrust regulations following an EU lawsuit, it could be fined up to 10% of its sales. According to The Verge, a media specialized in information technology (IT), Apple’s sales last year were $274.5 billion (about 306 trillion won). Accordingly, the amount of fines Apple has to pay is estimated at $27 billion.

In addition, experts predict that the EU may ask Apple to change its business model, such as abolishing fees.

Apple countered that the fees paid by Spotify were a fair price.

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