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Eui-sun Eui-sun meets with Prime Minister Kim on the 22nd… “It seems to promise youth jobs”

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It is reported that Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun will meet with Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom on the 22nd and promise to hire young people.

According to the business world on the 21st, Chairman Chung will meet with Prime Minister Kim at Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang on the morning of the 22nd as part of the Youth Hope ON project promoted by the government. It is reported that the meeting will be attended by Minister of Employment and Labor Ahn Gyeong-deok, Minister of Government Policy Coordination Office Yoon-cheol Koo, and Hyundai Motor Group President Young-woon Gong in charge of strategic planning.

The meeting topics include job expansion for youth and future mobility plans. It is known that the number of youth jobs that Chairman Chung promises at the meeting will be more than 40,000. It is the largest number of youth jobs promised by the heads of large corporations that Prime Minister Kim has met so far.

It is the sixth time after KT, Samsung, LG, SK and Posco, Prime Minister Kim meets with the heads of large domestic companies through Youth Hope ON, a youth job creation project.

Earlier, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong promised to create 30,000 jobs, and LG Group Chairman Koo Kwang-mo promised 39,000 jobs over the next three years. SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won and POSCO Group Chairman Choi Jeong-woo pledged to create 27,000 and 25,000 youth jobs, respectively. KT decided to hire 12,000 new people over three years.

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