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Eui-sun Eui-sun met with Prime Minister Kim and promised 46,000 jobs… 30,000 direct employees

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The 6th ‘Youth Hope ON’ project… The largest employment among participating companies
Prime Minister Kim “Jung Ju-young’s ‘modern’ spirit, Eui-sun Eui-sun developed it into ‘future and sharing'”

Hyundai Motor Group pledged to create 46,000 jobs in the future.

Prime Minister Boo-gyeom Kim and Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun had a meeting on the morning of the 22nd at Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, and signed the ‘Youth Hope ON’ agreement.

Hyundai Motor Group first announced that it would directly hire 30,000 people over the next three years.

In particular, the group decided to hire a large number of new manpower in new business areas such as robotics, future aviation mobility, hydrogen energy, and autonomous driving, which are the future businesses that the group is focusing on.

The remaining 16,000 jobs will be created through talent development and start-up support.

Group company internships (3,400 people) such as ‘H-Experience’, research scholarship students, industry-university cooperation through MOUs for specialized high schools (5,600 people), future technology job training for science and engineering college students and graduate students (6,000 people), etc. 15,000 people will benefit from the talent development program.

In addition, the ‘Zero One’ program, which fosters and invests in startups, and the ‘H-On Dream’ program, which discovers and fosters social enterprises, receive support for start-ups by 1,000 people.

Hyundai Motor Group emphasized that it will fulfill its social responsibility to expand youth jobs by actively recruiting and nurturing outstanding young talent, and will spare no effort to make preemptive investments for the future of Korea.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Kim said, “I am very grateful to the Hyundai Motor Group for promising to create the largest number of jobs among the companies that have participated.”

He also said, “The ‘modern’ spirit of the late Chung Ju-young is further developed by Honorary Chairman Chung Mong-koo through social contribution through the foundation and by Chairman Chung Eui-sun into ‘future and sharing’.”

‘Youth Hope ON’, a youth job project supported by companies and supported by the government to expand youth jobs, has secured 179,000 jobs from a total of six large corporations.

Previously, KT, Samsung, LG, SK, and POSCO participated in this agreement.

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