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Euljiro long-established ‘Yangmiok’ fire… About 30 guests, including guests, were evacuated.

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A fire broke out in the hall of the restaurant and moved to a nearby shopping mall

On the evening of the 23rd, a fire broke out at ‘Yangmiok’, a famous lamb chop restaurant in Eulji-ro 3-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, and firefighters are putting out the fire. As a result of the fire that day, about 30 customers and employees in the restaurant were evacuated. news

A fire broke out at Yangmiok, a long-established store in Euljiro, Seoul, and employees and customers were evacuated. The fire department is not aware of any casualties as a result of this.

According to the Seoul Central Fire Station on the 23rd, a fire broke out at Yangmiok, a restaurant specializing in lamb chops in Euljiro 3-ga, Jung-gu, around 7:50 pm that day, and about 30 people, including customers and employees, were evacuated. Upon receiving the report that “there was a fire in the dining hall,” the fire department immediately issued the first level of response and mobilized 167 firefighters and 42 fire engines to extinguish the fire.

The fire that started on the second floor of the restaurant moved to the commercial building next door, and the fire department had difficulty extinguishing it. As the fire spread and it became difficult to enter the interior, it was reported that the fire department destroyed a part of the building with a forklift. Firefighters who succeeded in entering the interior are searching for anyone who has not been able to evacuate.

Yang Mi-ok is famous as a regular house for former President Kim Dae-jung. The alley where Yang Mi-ok is located is a so-called ‘long-established street’ where old restaurants and industrial companies are concentrated. Since most of these buildings are old, it has been pointed out that they are vulnerable to accidents such as fire. In 2019, the city of Seoul pushed for redevelopment, but the redevelopment failed as some long-established merchants, such as Yang Mi-ok, refused to demolish it. “As soon as the fire is completely extinguished, we plan to investigate the exact cause of the fire,” a firefighter official said.

By Oh Seung-jun, staff reporter [email protected]

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