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Eun Seong-soo “Taking additional measures for Corona 19 financial support”

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[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Kim Jin-ho = Chairman Eun Sung-soo of the Financial Services Commission emphasized on the 14th that “overcoming the Corona 19 crisis is by far the first topic” regarding the direction of next year’s financial policy.

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Lee Hyung-suk = Chairman Eun Seong-soo, the chairman of the Financial Services Commission, is speaking at the party-political consultation on a plan to cut the maximum interest rate in the court held at the National Assembly on the 16th. 2020.11.16 [email protected]

Chairman Eun said at the ‘2020 year-end press conference’ held online that day, “As the re-proliferation of Corona 19 becomes a reality, we will take additional measures as well as existing financial support plans,”

Chairman Eun said that ▲ smooth financial support for vulnerable sectors ▲ expanded financial risk management ▲ soft landing of expanded financial policies was important.

He said, “We will continue to closely check and monitor the rise of household and corporate debt, the real economy, and the rise of disparate real estate prices.” “He said.

The Financial Services Commission is looking at the re-proliferation trend of Corona 19, and plans to take additional measures as necessary, as well as existing support measures such as the existing 175 trillion won [email protected] program. In addition, from January next year, it is decided whether or not to extend financial support measures after collecting opinions from financial institutions and experts.

Chairman Eun emphasized the second topic of’good execution’ and’performance vision’. He said, “We will ensure that various financial policies such as the Moon Jae-in administration’s innovative growth, inclusion, and financial innovation can be rooted in the field and executed smoothly.”

To this end, in the case of a policy-type New Deal Fund, we will promote the creation of a full-fledged fund as soon as possible. In addition, while the highest interest rate cut is being promoted from the second half of next year, the government is planning to increase the supply of policy for low-income finances, fearing the effect of illegal private finance ballooning.

Chairman Eun said, “In addition, we will continue to promote the rapid settlement of the Financial Consumer Protection Act and digital financial innovation so that the public can experience it without any problems.” I will use it.”

He also emphasized the importance of communication. He said, “In order to improve the completeness of the policy, communication between stakeholders and experts must precede.”

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