Eun-yi’s song from ‘A Poetry of Omniscient Interfere’ unveils a grand new office building… Exclamation point only

CEO Song Eun-yi’s grand new office building is revealed to the public.

In the 236th episode of MBC entertainment program ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ (Design Jeonggyu Park, Director Kim Yoon-jib, Lee Jun-beom, Lee Kyung-soon, Kim Hae-ni, writer Yeo Hyeon-jeon), which will broadcast on the 25th, the daily life of Song Eun-i, which crosses the life of an entertainer and a CEO, is revealed.

On this day’s broadcast, Song Eun-yi spends a busy time unable to take her eyes off the work messages pouring in as soon as she wakes up, and unable to let go of her mobile phone while receiving a series of calls that comes in.

On the other hand, Song Eun-yi, wearing the latest headphone fashion (?) and going out to Han River Park, simply warms up and falls in love with self-boxing. Song Eun-yi’s effortless grooming to hit the ball that keeps running away and her intense facial features are said to cause laughter and fun.

Following this, CEO Song’s grand new office building will be revealed for the first time on air. The new building, said to have everything from a cooking studio to a make-up waiting room, shower room, and recording studio, was said to be admired by observers.

Arriving at the office, Song Eun-yi puts on CEO mode and walks around each floor, activating monitoring mode, and organizing the uncleaned dishes and garbage, show the leader by example.

However, shortly after visiting the control room, he said, “Are you the only ones made?” to the couple slippers made only by the management, drawing a laugh with a cute twisted representative.

The eventful daily life of CEO Song Eun-yi can be seen on Saturday, the 25th at 11:10pm on MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’.

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