Eunbin Note: Park Eun-bin Receives Praise for Flawless Performance as Ive Cover

Actor Park Eun-bin Receives High Praise for Perfect Coverage of Ive’s Performance

Posted by Ahn Yoon-ji | June 26, 2023 20:56

The highly talented actor, Park Eun-bin, showcased his remarkable skills in a recent fan party. In a video titled “‘Eunbin Note: HI BINGO’ fan party behind the scenes (feat. 904% excitement satisfaction),” uploaded by Namoo Actors, his agency, on their official YouTube channel, Park Eun-bin provided viewers with a glimpse into his preparations for the event.

In the captivating footage, Park Eun-bin expressed his confidence, stating, “I am in the best shape possible. I’ll give my all to entertain and leave the audience satisfied.” Notably, he covered ‘Love Dive’ and ‘I Am’ during the fan party. When asked which position he would choose if he were to debut as an idol, the talented actor humbly responded, “I would prefer a role that allows me to serve my teammates with strong leadership.”

Furthermore, Park Eun-bin shared insight into his preparation process, revealing, “I invested considerable effort into preparing for this performance to ensure a flawless presentation. There were specific reasons for my busy schedule, which significantly raised expectations among fans.”

Park Eun-bin’s rendition of Ive’s performance was met with overwhelming applause and received rave reviews. Netizens showered him with praise, commenting, “Has he been an idol for 28 years? He is simply outstanding in every field, from dancing to singing to acting,” and “His stage presence is unmatched.”

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Reporter Ahn Yoon-ji | 2023.06.26 20:56

/Photo = YouTube channel Namu Actors capture video actor Park Eun-bin perfect coverage of the group Ive.

On the 26th, Namoo Actors, the agency, posted a video titled “‘Eunbin Note: HI BINGO’ fan party behind the scenes (feat. 904% excitement satisfaction)” on its YouTube channel.

In the released video, Park Eun-bin showed the process of preparing for a fan party held recently. He said, “I’m in the best shape. I’ll do my best to fill everyone up and get off the stage.”

Park Eun-bin, who covered ‘Love Dive’ and ‘I Am’ this time, was asked, ‘Which position would you like to be if you debuted as an idol?’ I think it’s better, I think I can do well for my teammates with leadership that serves.”

In addition, about the preparation for this cover, “I prepared it with the intention of showing it properly. There was a reason I was busy,” adding to the expectation.

Park Eun-bin carried Ive’s performance perfectly and received favorable reviews. Netizens who saw this said, “Isn’t he an idol with 28 years of debut?”, “There’s nothing he can’t do, from dancing to singing to acting”, and “His stage manners are the best”.

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