Euro 2020 trend: why the Italian national team has to sing the national anthem

Gu shouting Italian national anthem

It is noteworthy in the battleEuro 2020 Many sports media Many people tend to pick up pictures of Italian players while singing.italian national anthembefore the game In the past, all 3 matches in the first roundEuro 2020 Italian warlord under the supervision of a team ofRoberto Mancini He shouted and sang with all his heart and soul as usual. never change tease in the online world And this story definitely has an origin.

For any doubts at this point It has been tried to come up with an explanation from many sources, such as why Italian players have to sing at their best. emitting energy from both lungs, that is because italian national anthem There is content that is fierce and proud of the greatness of the country itself. Combined with the rousing music, it is possible that players of the Italian national team in almost every sport will have easy access to the national anthem. When athletes can imagine fighting for the honor of the country as in the past as mentioned in the national anthem.

1- Singing the national anthem of Italy We don’t have the opportunity often, so everyone who watches the live stream will see the Italian players. including the coach’s staff shouting loudly through the TV screen broadcast live all over the world
2- It’s the national anthem, which means the people who sing it are showing their national identity.
3- italian national anthem It’s something that Italians value a lot. in spite of the fact that They are one of the European nations who tend to be very comfortable. in everyday life again is quite different from organized german people But when the situation has to be in a serious situation Italian people will show their true talent and sing.italian national anthemTo sound so is to awaken the martial spirit within you.

Get to know the Italian national anthem
actually italian national anthem There are 3 names: 1. ‘Mameli’s anthem’ (Mamely’s song or the name of the author) 2. The Song of the Italians which translates to “Song for Italian” and 3 Brothers of Italy which is the first verse of the songitalian national anthem
by the content ofitalian national anthem It’s like any other nation in the world. talking about the nation A story of awakening by the lyrics of this song composed in 1847 from Goffredo Mameli who is a student in Genoa which he died at the age of only 21 and he wrote this song 1 year before death
And when the lyrics matched the rhythms of a nation of art and taste like Italy, they chose to use the fast melody and upbeat tempo that made the song an impeccable arousal to the country’s people. no
The situation when Goffredo composes this song is when the people of the country fought for unification and the war of liberation from the Austrian Empire. Before being included as the national anthem on October 12, 1946, it was officially enforced by law in 2005 or 16 years ago.



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