Euro 2024 Football Preview (link to watch live football)

  • list: euro 2024 football qualifiers
  • Competition games: Italy against England
  • Competition day/time: Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 2:45 am
  • stadium: Diego Armando Maradona
  • Live broadcast:

readiness Italian national team

The Italian national team After a heartbreaking loss, did not play in the World Cup. The return to Euro 2024 battle should show the world the power again, with the statistics of the last 5 games in all competitions, the team has won 3, lost 2. It looks like the team should not have to make many adjustments, it should play accordingly The system set as before

Availability of the Italian national team At this time, the team has no injured players. or additional disqualification penalty in any way The main players may enter the field in unison.

In this game, Roberto Mancini, the manager of the team, is expected to organize an army. by sending defenders like Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Francesco Acherbi, Leonardo Bonucci and Matteo Darmian to seal the game in the defensive line As for the midfield, Nicolo Barella, Jorginho, Sandro Tonali and Marco Verratti work in midfield. As for the forwards, Federico Chiesa and Matteo Politano will come down to break the goal for the team.

readiness England national team

England national team in the World Cup Considered to be able to do well, watch until the last 4 rounds before stopping in this round then Defeat France but how The last 5 statistics, the team has won 3, drawn 1 , lost 1, considering the results are not ugly at all. ready to measure each competitor’s hand

England’s readiness has to wait for Czech Raheem Sterling, who still has to check his fitness first. Will he go on the field to help the team or not? As for other players, they can enter the field according to their position.

When organizing the army in this game, coach Gareth Southgate should use the same force with Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw standing on the back panel for the team Midfield players use Jude Bellingham, Declan Rice, James Maddison and Bukayo Saka to play in midfield to penetrate the defensive game. As for the strikers, Phil Foden and Harry Kane come down to hit the opponent’s goal in this game.

List of players expected to enter the field

Italy: Alex Meret (GK) Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Francesco Acherbi, Leonardo Bonucci, Matteo Darmian, Nicolo Barella, Jorgin.Yo, Sandro Tonali, Marco Verratti, Federico Chiesa, Matteo Politano.

England : Jordan Pickford (GK), Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw, Jude Bellingham, Declan Rice, James Maddison, Bukayo Saka, Phil Foden, Harry Kane

The performance of the last 5 games


  • 21/11/22 lost to Austria 0-2 friendly match (away).
  • 17/11/22 Albania won 3-1 (away) in a friendly match
  • 27/09/22 Hungary won 2-0 (away) UEFA Nations League
  • 24/09/22 England won 1-0 (home) UEFA Nations League
  • 15/06/22 lost to Germany 5-2 (away) UEFA Nations League


  • 11/12/22 defeat France 1-2 (midfield) World Cup
  • 05/12/22 Senegal won 3-0 (central field) World Cup
  • 11/30/22 Wales won the World Cup 3-0 (Central Field).
  • 26/03/22 Always America 0-0 (Central Field) World Cup
  • 21/03/22 defeat Iran 6-2 (central field) World Cup

The result of a meeting between the two teams

  • 24/09/22 Italy beat England 1-0 (UEFA Nations League)
  • 12/06/22 England draw Italy 0-0 (UEFA Nations League)
  • 12/07/21 Italy draw England 1-1, win 3-2 on penalties (Euro 2021)
  • 28/03/18 England draw Italy 1-1 (friendly)
  • 01/04/15 Italy draw England 1-1 (friendly)


The Italian army, this event should bring a full hunger for victory. After being disappointed in the World Cup this game should return to prominence in the game of football for fans around the world to see that they are back to being a strong team again. after the player is ready to use it focus on closing the score early rather than defending This task must measure how sharp in the panel the attacker will do well or not.

On the English national team side, the players have quite a few problems. There are still some players who need to stay fit. But in this work, they show great form on the world stage. In this event, the team probably won’t change much. using an emphasis on rhythm and finishing with speed from the striker and the wing as before

If you measure the ability of the players and the team potential of the two teams, then say They are both close to each other But if you look at the freshness, speed still see that England’s offensive game is better, I must’ this task is to measure how decisively in the last minute who can do better but believe that the pupils of the “Lion’s Roar” should have the upper hand, the team should be able to overcome in front of their friends

predicted score

Italy 1-2 England

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