Europa League final | Gautours helped Real Madrid win the best memory of the Premier League career without respect for Ancelotti’s 4 crowns to write history (12:29) – 20220529 – Sports – Instant News

Liverpool had as many as 24 shots in the game, but many good chances to score goals were resolved by Gautours. In addition to saving Shady Owen’s shot in the first half, the ball escaped the center post and saved 6 times. Mohamed Shana’s attack made him the third goalkeeper in the history of the Europa League to be selected as the best player in the final, winning his first Europa League championship. The Belgian goalkeeper, who celebrated his 30th birthday in the middle of this month, had been off duty at Chelsea for four seasons. After the game, he mentioned that he had re-prove himself in this final, “I don’t think I have enough respect in England, even if I win. Premier League champions and a great season at Real Madrid, but there is still a lack of recognition, there is still a lot of criticism. Okay, I proved myself today by showing my strength and earning respect for my hard work.”

He continued: “I saw a lot of people on the Internet saying that I will be humiliated this time, but the reality is completely the opposite. The last time I played in the Europa League final was eight years ago (for Atlético de Madrid), and I still lost that year, but It’s a better feeling to win now because you’ve lost a trophy in the past.”

Anzalotti became the first coach in history to lead the Europa League four times, and six times if he included his playing days. Real Madrid have beaten Paris Saint-Germain in this Europa League knockout round, as well as the Premier League’s top three, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. The title is very valuable. “Fei An” joked that he is “a record-breaker” and believes that four wins Among the Europa League, this year’s competition is the most difficult. “At the beginning of the season, no one thought that Real Madrid could win the championship this season. I am glad that I came back and completed a wonderful season in the first season. The morale of the team has always been very good. The focus and experience of the players became the key to winning, beating a team that didn’t lose much.”

He revealed that after the league’s big defeat to Barcelona at the end of March, he had promised President Piris that the team would eventually win La Liga and the Europa League to become a “double”, and also won the Europa League and the league trophy in the first season of Anshuai’s coaching. After Real Madrid, there is the European Super Cup, facing the European champions Frankfurt.

Real Madrid have nine players to win their fifth Europa League title, including Marcelo, Modili and Binschma. Among them, Maseru, who wears the captain’s armband and holds the trophy high, will personally testify that he will leave the team after the game, ending his 16-year career in the “Galaxy Fleet”; the 36-year-old midfielder Modili is reported to renew his contract for another season In June next year, after Binschma became the top scorer in the Europa League for the first time with 15 goals, it is expected to become this year’s Ballon d’Or.

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